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Is the definition between B2C and B2B becoming obsolete? Consumer marketers who have made the move into business reflect on why the two sectors are more alike than many think.
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Hiring a marketer from a completely different sector is – for some – a clear way to shake things up and gain a valuable outside perspective. But not all companies agree with the tactic, preferring talent with experience in similar organisations.
“I hire lots of people, I don’t want somebody who is just like me,” says chief marketing, innovation and strategy officer at Rentokil Initial, Gary Booker. “But you would be amazed how many people do. They think: ‘We’re a retailer. We want to hire somebody from a retail background.’ But why?”

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Forging a close bond with finance will be key if B2B brands are to weather the economic storm and come out fighting.
Marketers can’t control brand rejection but they can elevate awareness, so B2B brands should take charge of the levers they can pull to make their brand stand out.
By adopting a more emotional approach to its marketing and experimenting with its media mix, Maersk has successfully shifted perceptions of its brand and grown both revenues and profits, its head of marketing explains.
At the end of every week we look at the key stories, offering our view on what they mean for you and the industry. From marketers making the leap from B2C to B2B to celebrating success at the Marketing Week Awards, it’s been a busy week. Here is my take.
Budweiser is one of the key brands sponsoring the World Cup, but a last minute decision to ban alcohol in Qatar’s stadiums may leave it questioning the future of the partnership.
‘Normalcy bias’ makes us panic or procrastinate when unexpected challenges suddenly emerge, but taking control of as many variables as possible is the only sound survival strategy.
For the first time in its history, the World Cup is taking place in winter. How are retailers coping with the Christmas clash? 
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