Baba ka Dhaba | Malviya Nagar, Delhi | Correct use of Social Media

Baba ka Dhaba _ Malviya Nagar, Delhi _ Correct use of Social Media
Baba ka Dhaba _ Malviya Nagar, Delhi _ Correct use of Social Media

Name: Baba ka Dhaba
Address: Block B, Shivalik Colony, Opposite Hanuman Mandir, Near Taxi stand, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.
Price: Rs 30/- onwards

Disclaimer: All rights belong to the original owners.

“There was no sale during and after COVID19 lockdown. But now it feels like whole India is with us,” says owner Kanta Prasad, who’s running the stall since 1990. Grate thanks for youtubeswadofficial.

A small veg street food called “Baba Ka Dhaba”. Which got viral within 24hrs. Who has never seen this much crowd in front of his stall for 30 years? You have heard of “Ekdum Waqt Badal Diya, jazbaat Badal diye, Zindagi Badal di”!!! Like this only happened for Kanta Prasad.

The real story is these 80 years old couples come here at 6:30 am after the day they cant get 100 rs for their home. The food here is wonderful. This food is fa better than any other restaurant. Let us all help them. By saying these words our friend youtubeswadofficial made a video on this. And now he is getting full support from all over India. Please subscribe to his channel. CLICK HERE.

         The old couples have 2 sons and 1 daughter. And they don’t want to help them. Before the lockdown, they were getting some money to lead their life. But now the COVID has taken their livelihood. He provides lunch and breakfast both with chai and aloo parota. The pickles are also handmade. The dhal and vegetables are of good quality. Get a taste of what looks like lip-smacking matar paneer from here. 

Social media has the real power to lift a person or to destroy a person. This is unique viral news, where we see non-sense viral news today. The media is doing a good job. The Bollywood celebrities and many YouTubers are coming and helping these old couples. Now you can order your food in Zomata on baba ka Dhaba. In this 2020 this is the good news heard so far as I know.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to the original owners.

Message from Baba Ka Dhaba

” I was married to her at the age of. And she was 3. In those days there was a prohibition for child marriage. So they married us when we were kids! Beta, there was no chance to escape from it. I had to like her and the same back she should love me back. It’s like a ‘Mohar’, we were stamped for our life at the age of 5. I had no choice, I would have to marry, her, or any other girl at that time.

In 1961 they officially handed over my life to me. You all know why, when we grow up they leave us to meet and lead our life. I was so happy now. then we both moved to New Delhi from UP at the age of 21. Seeing our life in a new place. We stayed near the Yamuna river later shifted here. We 1st started a fruit stall. As we age & our kids growing up. Then we decided to do a better life. We opened “Baba Ka Dhaba” in a small stall. We have worked here for about 30 years. But from yesterday my life is changed. I saw huge crowds in front of my stall. Thanks to that YouTuber who made a viral video. Now there is a queue of starts, NGOs and people just came to take a selfie with me.

Now I got to know that Gods Listens to all. But, not now. it could be not 30-40 or 60 may be at the age of 80. Now my dreams are coming to be real. I won’t live for long and long with my wife. She learned quickly to pose in front of the camera. But I took some time for that. I want to take her for a walk and drink Chai like young of 21 years.

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