Top 100+ C Programming codes – KLE Technological University

Top 100+ C Programming codes – KLE Technological University



Hey code smashers…we at KLE technology university are dedicated in providing you every code taught and procured in the college. The only motto is “Learn to code and try to be bold”


Miscellaneous (MISC)

* C Programming HackerRank all solutions for Loops | Arrays | strings

Refer KLE Tech | Computer Science | Solved Model Question Papers

Tower Of Hanoi Algorithm DSA

1D Arrays

Sum and Avg of a 1D Array

Min & Max of a 1D Array

Linear Search of a 1D Array

Binary Search of a 1D Array

The Reverse of a 1D Array

Frequency of a 1D Array

Reversing with upper & lower limits of a 1D Array

Printing all Prime numbers of a 1D Array

Inserting a value to a 1D Array

Merging of Two 1D Arrays

Deleting | Removing a Value from a 1D Array?

2D Arrays

Reading & Displaying of a 2D Array

Sum & Avg of a 2D Array

Sum each Row &  Columns of a 2D Array

Finding the Maximum & Minimum of a 2D Array

Transpose of a 2D Matrix

Finding Norm of a 2D Matrix

Orthogonal of a 2D Matrix

Identity of a 2D Matrix

Multiplication of a 2D Matrix

Counting how many prime numbers in each row & column

Addition of a 2D Matrix

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Reading & Display Strings | Sentence

Count the number of Alphabets, Special Characters, and Digits in a given Sentence

Merging Multiple Strings | Words

Printing 1st Value of all Strings | Words

Password Cheak Strings | Sentence

Reversing the given String | Sentence

Checking Anagram (same no of characters values) of Strings | Sentence

Deleting Elements from Strings | Sentence

Sorting Strings | Sentence Ascending and Descending

Data Structures

Reading & Displaying the Structures using loops

Reading & Displaying Two Structures

Finding Sum, Avg, and Max in Data Structures

Reading & Displaying the Array Structures by using loops

Sum and Average of the Array Structures

Getting details of a Student who took the highest marks

Reading & Display of Structures using pointers

Highest marks and Sum & Avg of marks Using Pointers*

Cricket players Problem least rank, highest using pointers

Getting Books Sorting, Linear Search, palindrome in Store

Searching Name & Updating Address Data structures (Pointers*)

Details of people who took vaccination | comparing city names | 

Details of Drinks comparing type | least price & Display | 

Details of Block-chain compare, search, string

File Handling

Notes: File Handling in C programming | Operations in Files

File Handling | Read, Display & Search in *files

File Handling | Comparing two files in *files

File Handling | Copying one file to Another *file

File Handling |Counting Total characters in *file

Storing Data into the File overwrite

Linked Lists

Notes on Data Structures And Algorithms – Linked List

Read & Display Nodes in linked lists | Data Structure

All operations on Nodes linked lists (Insert, delete, display) (Single data)

All operations on Student linked lists (Insert, delete, display) (Multiple data)

All operations on Nodes linked lists (count, search, inserting at pos)

Circular linked lists Operations (Insert, count, delete, sort, display)

Doubly linked list Operations (Insert, count, delete, sort, display)




Palindrome Stack Integer

Palindrome Stack String




Right most set bit


Candy Wending Machine

Indian Sports Academy

Traffic Signals

Save India from Aliens

Binary Tree

Binary Search Tree (Insertion, Searching, Display) Multiple Data

Binary Search Tree (Insertion, Deletion, Display) Menu Card

Sorting Techniques

‎Bubble Sort Algorithm

Insertion Sort Algorithm

Selection Sort Algorithm

Merge Sort Algorithm

Quick Sort Algorithm

CP Sorting Algorithm

Graphs And Algorithm

DFS Adjacency Matrix

Breadth First Search or BFS


Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm

Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)

Kruskal’s Minimum Spanning Tree

Bellman-Ford Algo

Floyd Warshall Algorithm


BFSS or Brute force string Search



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