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Write a Modular C Programming code to solve an IT quiz, What is the biggest possible team size with the exactly the same number of students

Class A and Class B have 18 and 27 students. Choose teams from each class to play the IT quiz, winning team in both the classes will play in the final match. What is the biggest possible team size with exactly the same number of students?

Input Format

two integer numbers separated by space.

Output Format

Biggest possible team size with exactly the same number of students.

Sample Input 0

18 27

Sample Output 0

Biggest possible team = 9

Sample Input 1

204 255

Sample Output 1

Biggest possible team = 51

Sample Input 2

148 355

Sample Output 2

Biggest possible team = 1

Sample Input 3

0 1

Sample Output 3

Invalid value

Sample Input 4

1 0

Sample Output 4

Invalid value

Sample Input 5

0 0

Sample Output 5

Invalid value

Refer to Notes: Notes on Data Structures And Algorithms – Linked List



int gcd(int a, int b);
int main() {

   int a,b,p;
    if(a<=0 || b<=0)
        printf("Invalid value");
        printf("Biggest possible team = %d",p);
int gcd(int a, int b)
   int r;
 return b;


Congratulations, you passed the sample test case.

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Input (stdin)

18 27
Your Output (stdout)

Biggest possible team = 9
Expected Output

Biggest possible team = 9


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