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Write a Modular C Programming code to find out the efficiency of the worker

In a company, worker efficiency is determined on the basis of the time required for a worker to complete a particular job. If the time taken by the worker is between 2-3 hours, then the worker is said to be highly efficient. If the time required by the worker is between 3-4 hours, then the worker is ordered to improve speed. If the time taken is between 4-5 hours, the worker is given the training to improve his speed, and if the time taken by the worker is more than 5 hours, then the worker is terminated.

The time taken by the worker is input through the keyboard; write a c program to find the efficiency of the worker.

Input Format

time to complete a job in hours and minutes (hh mm).


0<=hh<=24 0<=mm<=59

Output Format

print work efficiency of worker

Sample Input 0

2 00

Sample Output 0

highly efficient

Sample Input 1

3 40

Sample Output 1

improve speed

Sample Input 2

4 45

Sample Output 2

training to improve speed

Sample Input 3

5 15

Sample Output 3


Sample Input 4

25 25

Sample Output 4

Invalid time

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int main() 
     int h,m;
    printf("highly efficient"); 
    else if(h>=3&&h<4&&m>=0&&m<=59) 
    printf("improve speed"); 
    else if(h>=4&&h<5&&m>=0&&m<=59)
            printf("training to improve speed");
        printf("Invalid time");


Congratulations, you passed the sample test case.

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Input (stdin)

2 00
Your Output (stdout)

highly efficient
Expected Output

highly efficient


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