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#CancelAllBoardExams Support here Latest News Update
✅ All the Students, Support us in Cancelling all Board Exams all over India


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Dear Govt,

Who has given you the Power to Play with the Life of Children? India is the Biggest Education system in the world, But Unfortunately, the Rulers of India don’t have Education. In this Pandemic or Panic situation does Exam is necessary.

If we go outside for any urgent work or to bring something. Covid comes and we will DIE. Not only that police will beat us like anything & put thousands of rupees ₹ fine.

If you go for writing exams or canvas in Election you will not get any virus or the problem. Because you will never die or corona will not come in an exam or election. We have given rent for corona Naaa so it will not do anything in this situation.


❌ Dear Govt,

Before choosing whether to conduct ” All Board Exams “, Once see that we have turned to 18+. Now we can vote for the Next Election. Choose wisely your Decision as we also choose accordingly.


❌ I have Challenge for you Govt: As we are Studied in the online class and writing for the Exams Offline. For the coming year, Election tries to do the Election canvas online in Zoom or Google Meets and let the people vote in offline. Now there will be a correct Ratio in the nation.

This Message will Hurt many of them Because many of them had burnt their night light for studying. So, The govt can put the Exam so far where Corona is not There or just take Exams for them only. As you have Decided for Class 10th.


This is the note for Karnataka Govt If the Indian Govt Cancels the exam. You are not going to it. As you did it in the last educational year. You will not let the number of students suffered corona or does from it.

Till the Election canvas or Voting there were no deaths, and no lockdown also. After a single day from it, all get doing and the lockdown has been declared. I am asking the Govt why didn’t they declared the lockdown Before the election. You were having fear of Losing I know.


This all Is written by representing all the Children, It’s not about a personal issue, As I have shared my thoughts on this, Now you decide to take. Because Children’s Future is in your hand. So take care of them. Students are worth more than Exams. They can create History & Future, and this is not decided by the Exams.

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Govt, if you are thinking this all kinds of stuff is made by backbenchers or the not prepared one, so Fu*kit. It’s not about the Study, Its about health and living our life. If we do not write the Exam we can live. What if we get corona and died after 14 days of the Exam. The whole responsibility is off Govt.

You can conduct exams if only one person come and say, ” I am Responsible for all the students who got corona and died because of fewer marks. I’ll pay all the students what they need for them & Family.”  If the students are suffering from corona because of the exam, we will not leave you.

Now it’s your wish to share this with all. If this message is not seen by the Higher people or celebrities, We can’t do anything. Share it as much as possible. Mail this to any or Tweet it or Put it in your Story | Bio


Sharing Link: https://www.factsprime.com/cancel-all-board-exams-save-students/ (Copy & Paste)

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