Crypto News Today: Big Eyes Coin Hits $8,500,000 Presales, and Ethereum PoW network grows – Euro Weekly News

By EWN • 25 October 2022 • 11:05

Today we have exciting news that Big Eyes Coin(BIG) has just raised $8.5 million on its presale. From humble beginnings to an impressive $1 million in the first week, the meme coin has not slowed down since. It is selling at record speed, and early investors are looking to secure even more before launch. Big Eyes Coin has demonstrated the potential to be one of the biggest meme coin projects the cryptocurrency market has seen.
Speaking of growth, Ethereum’s Proof-Of-Stake Network has also experienced tremendous growth. The Ethereum Proof-of-work network separated from the Ethereum main net after the Merge, and since its birth, as a hard fork this time last month, the version of Ethereum has gotten a lot of attention.
In a move reminiscent of the 2017 birth of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from its older brother, EthereumPoW may have sparked a new fork battle between supporters of its network and the Ethereum mainnet.
Chandler Guo, a former Ethereum miner and ICO investor, tweeted to announce that over 100 projects have been launched on ETHW.
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Ethereum(ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency network in the cryptocurrency market, and it is popular due to the thousands of decentralized applications and projects on it. The network is known to provide the necessary infrastructure that eases the experience of developers and users on the network. The network had an upgrade in September called The Merge.
The Merge was done to help the network transition from a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. This transition reduced the energy consumption of the network and will made Ethereum more eco-friendly. However, Some Ethereum miners did not agree with the transition because it would mean they would have to dispose of all their mining equipment.
Hence, the miners’ faction created a hard fork and continued to operate the Proof-of-Work network. Since its creation, the network has found support from other projects and has continued to grow. Crypto enthusiasts speculate it can become as big as Ethereum Classic, which was another hard fork of the network in 2016.
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Big Eyes is a new meme coin project that has continued to grow over the past few weeks. The meme coin has raised $8.5 million, further solidifying the belief of early investors in its growth potential.
Big Eyes is much more of a DeFi token, and the project aims to create wealth with several innovative DeFi features it would be introducing to its community. Its other plans for NFT utilities will use the non-fungible tokens as access tickets to more content and community events.
Big Eyes gives a lot to charity, which is surprising as it also aims to be a token with a high turnover. In the early days of its presale, it donated money to Luna Children. Moreso, 5% of the token supply has been dedicated to a charity wallet that would fund animal and ocean-saving charities worldwide. Its growth on presale has been impressive and smart investors can already spot the opportunity to buy the BIG token at below market price.
Use the code BEYES500 for a BIG bonus.
For more information on the project:
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