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Many experts believe that the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is a giant leap in human evolution. For some time now, blockchain has proven to be the solution to the old way of handling financial transactions. With blockchain technology, we don’t have to rely on financial intermediaries to process transactions. Instead, the entire transaction will be processed between two parties seamlessly. This technology has also simplified the transfer of ownership and ensures that financial systems are more transparent.
Cryptocurrencies leverage blockchain technology and use it to provide different utilities to modern-day human society. Today, we have crypto projects that have effectively replaced traditional financial institutions. There are, however, others who only serve as a means of exchange and to transfer value between entities. The cryptocurrency market is vast and filled with several digital assets. Each of them offers something unique. The crypto coins with the best utilities are those with the highest potential to do well. This piece will compare the use cases of two top cryptocurrencies – Solana (SOL) and Stakenomics (STAK).
Solana was founded in 2017 as a decentralised crypto project with the ability to host smart contracts. This altcoin was developed by the Solana foundation in Geneva. Solana was designed as an open-source project. As a result, anyone can contribute to it and use it to develop their own program.
This project has long been touted as the “Ethereum killer” because it can also support decentralised applications (dApps). However, it’s able to process transactions at a much faster rate than Ethereum while also charging considerably less.
Solana stands out from other cryptocurrency options on the market because it uses proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanisms. This way, it can process transactions at lightning speed. With the proof-of-stake mechanism, users will get to secure the future of the token by committing their funds to the network. It allows users to verify transactions depending on the number of tokens they hold. The proof-of-history system is used to verify the order and passage of events. By doing this, it will encode the trustless passage of time into a virtual ledger. This cryptocurrency project contains all the exciting features that you can get from a blockchain.
Solana is one of the biggest cryptocurrency tokens on the coin market. SOL is the token of this blockchain protocol.
Stakenomics is a cryptocurrency that was only recently introduced to the coin market. This crypto project is set to make a name for itself. How? Well, this token plans to replace the redundant proof-of-work cryptocurrencies that we have today. By relying on a proof-of-stake system, this cryptocurrency project can provide users with more features than POW tokens.
This cryptocurrency also adopts a community-driven approach to support and foster long-term growth. Users of this community will be responsible for voting on developmental decisions. Stakenomics validators can control transactions from the comfort of their home and laptop. They don’t have to invest in large computational equipment. Validators are required to purchase a certain amount of tokens to be given access to a block. To become a part of this community, you’ll also need to purchase tokens.
This project relies on two key initiatives; staking and burning. With staking, it can sustain long-term growth, while burning will increase the value of the token. It takes its security protocols seriously. This project is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. As a result, it can process transactions quickly and at a low rate.
Stakenomics has the capacity to host smart contracts and support decentralised applications. This means, its users can carry out DeFi transactions. There will be an exchange in which Stakenomics users will be able to swap their tokens for other digital assets in the crypto space.  Stakenomics is represented as STAK on exchanges.
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