DAN WOOTTON: BBC's Boris gaffe proves corporation wants Tories to lose under Sunak – Daily Mail

By Dan Wootton for MailOnline


It was one of those BBC moments that will live in infamy for being as jaw dropping as it was tiresomely predictable.
Following Boris Johnson‘s decision to reluctantly pull out of the Conservative leadership contest last night, the public broadcaster’s flagship news channel launched an impromptu on air celebration.
Martine Croxall – a veteran presenter trusted by the Corporation to announce news of the death of Prince Philip – admitted she was unable to hide her glee that the Brexit champion and proven election winner had been kept from returning to Number 10 Downing Street, thanks to a relentless campaign led by the establishment all weekend long, including, of course, her employer.
With the body language of a giddy teenage Harry Styles fan meeting her idol, she started the programme by exclaiming: ‘Well, this is all very exciting isn’t it. 
‘Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. Am I allowed to be this gleeful? Well, I am.’
Well, you’re not actually.
It was one of those BBC moments that will live in infamy for being as jaw dropping as it was tiresomely predictable, writes DAN WOOTTON in response to BBC newsreader Martine Croxall’s undisguised glee at news Boris Johnson had pulled out of the race to become Prime Minister
The BBC is paid for by any taxpayer who turns on their television set via a despicable poll tax on the farcical notion it provides us with an impartial news service.
Of course, ever since the Brexit referendum we’ve known such claims were absurd, but more recently the Beeb’s management have pledged to do better.
Hardcore leftie Boris haters like Jon Sopel, Emily Maitlis, Andrew Marr and Lewis Goodall have been cleared out and now spend their days attempting to make Keir Starmer Prime Minister at a left-wing radio station that has lost its soul.
But last night’s grotesque display proves the Boris Bashing Corporation is now also part of the campaigning media desperate for the Conservatives to lose.
It didn’t end there, by the way.
Dan Wootton
Croxall’s guest, the parliamentary journalist Jonathan Grew, who shares the same disdain of Boris as all BBC contributors, ranted: ‘Boris Johnson thinks he should be world king – of course he thinks he’s best placed to win an election in 2024. He probably thinks he’s best placed to win the American election in 2024.’
At that point, Martine, rather than reprimanding her guest for making a factually incorrect and clearly biased statement, instead childishly hooted before bursting into knowing laughter.
‘I’m sorry,’ she cackled. ‘I shouldn’t probably. I’m probably breaking some sort of terrible due impartiality rule by giggling.’
She knew it, but she didn’t give a damn. Her colleagues would no doubt have been cheering her on from backstage.
Those disgraceful scenes are just the tip of the iceberg but smash the pretence that the BBC is any sort of impartial news organisation who we can trust to cover the dramatic acrimony behind-the-scenes of the Conservative party fairly and accurately.
Today, the BBC is reported to have suspended Croxall after a social media outrage.
But I know they’re only sorry they got caught – the vast majority of BBC staff share the anti-Boris sentiment; Croxall was the only one silly enough to express it so blatantly.
She joins suspended Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy on the TV naughty step for calling Tory Minister Steve Baker the C-word live on air last week.
While they’re the two most egregious examples, I watched aghast all weekend long as the MSM news broadcasters in this country conspired with Tory grandees and the Westminster blob to make it impossible for Boris to put his name forward.
Following Boris Johnson’s decision to reluctantly pull out of the Conservative leadership contest last night, the public broadcaster’s flagship news channel launched an impromptu on air celebration 
Even though he had the 100 nominations required and I believe would have thrashed Sunak with the party membership, paving the way for him to re-enter Number 10 on Friday, the establishment made it clear they would destroy his premiership from the off, just like they did with Liz Truss.
Remoaner former Chancellor George Osborne was one of those leading the charge, declaring on Channel 4 last night: ‘If Boris Johnson gets into the contest, wins the member’s ballot, I think there’s a real chance the Tory parliamentary party say: ‘We don’t accept the result of the member’s ballot. We don’t accept that 200 of us will serve under a Prime Minister we didn’t want.’
Just think of the consequences of what he’s saying.
Conservative MPs, with the full support of the grey suits, were willing to subvert democracy rather than accept the long-established party rules that give the grassroots a final say on their leader.
No wonder there are very real fears the party is now ungovernable with the remoaner elite looking to use this distinct lack of democracy to undermine Brexit next.
The drumbeat over the weekend from the MSM Twitter influencers, like Robert Peston, Beth Rigby and Paul Brand, who have an outsized sway over Westminster, was that the return of Boris would have been impossible.
Their goal was to terrify Tory MPs – and indeed Boris himself – into thinking that any comeback would have been immediately thwarted by a Privileges Investigation, leading to another period of chaos.
As ever, the voices who were entirely ignored were the great British public, who overwhelmingly wanted to see democracy respected with Boris being reinstalled as PM, the man who they voted for in a landslide in 2019 and then delivered his key manifesto promise to deliver Brexit.
Do I feel Boris was some sort of perfect PM? Far from it.
In these columns and on my nightly GB News show, I criticised him time and again for his decisions to lockdown the country unnecessarily, give in to hysterical public health officials, increase taxes and push a Net Zero agenda.
But I fear we are fast becoming a banana republic by allowing media hysteria encouraged by dark forces at Westminster to subvert democracy time and again.
The BBC is paid for by any taxpayer who turns on their television set via a despicable poll tax on the farcical notion it provides us with an impartial news service 
I also have a huge problem with Tory wets and the same MSM figures now lecturing me to unite behind Sunak as Prime Minister.
This is the man who spent the first half of this year purposely destabilising the premiership of Boris while purporting in public to be his top supporter and then failed to provide any support to Liz Truss, despite her consequential victory over him in the summer.
So forgive me for struggling to jump on the unity bus now.
Especially when I know the utter abject fury from Tory party members, many of whom have already shown me the resignation letters they have submitted today after being disgracefully shut out of the democratic process.
This is not a fringe view, given the party’s own Chairman Jake Berry said last week: ‘If we believe in democracy, members cannot be denied a say on who the next leader of the party is.’
After this seemingly rigged non-vote by the 1922 Committee to install Sunak in a coronation, following a Remoaner coup by his allies against Truss, the concept of democracy does indeed seem to be on life support within the party.
It was electorally devastating for Tory MPs the first time they dumped Johnson.
I hope I’m proven wrong, but it’s hard to see how giving in to the BBC and other Boris haters this time around will avoid the Tories being wiped out as a political force for a generation.
Rishi won’t win the next election, Boris could have.
And that’s why we saw the BBC throw a party live on air last night.
They know their campaign to keep Boris off the ballot will likely end up resulting in their man Keir Starmer in power within two years running the most woke government ever, where Eddie Izzard is elected on an all-female shortlist.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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