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Brand new to the city? About to hit that two-year mark? Or maybe you remember the city when it was just a desert. No matter how long you’ve been here, there are some classic Dubai experiences you need to tick off your bucket list.
So we’ve rounded up 60 things you have to do before you leave. 
The best Arab export after oil, the shawarma is a Levantine wrap filled with chicken or lamb carved from a rotating spit. Top this with your choice of hummus, tahini, garlic sauce and tomato.
Dubai Rugby Sevens is a great excuse for a party whether you’re a rugby fan or not. Happening every December, it’s one of the biggest fancy dress parties there is.
Plod along on this great humped beast and pretend you’re a desert explorer. Learn camel facts and drink camel milk while you’re there.

Dubai bucket list
Dubai Media City Amphitheater is one of the most popular venues for major events in Dubai. In the past, Mariah Carey and John Legend have performed here. The space also hosts major food festivals. Currently, you will be able to catch the World Cup matches here.
Textiles, spices, perfume and gold – they all have their own souk in Deira so get a taste of trade before heading over to one of the city’s very many malls.
Go dune bashing in a 4×4, watch a falconry display, get a henna tattoo and eat Middle Eastern food while a belly dancer struts her stuff.
Dubai bucket list
Squash, pop, musicals… Dubai Opera is no one trick pony. Glam up and head to one of the venue’s ever-changing shows. The venue was recently crowned as one of the world’s most beautiful theatres, so you really don’t want to miss checking it out.
Dubai’s very own fashion and culture festival Sole DXB takes place in d3 every December. Heading into its tenth year, the three-day festival brings together top street culture across art, food, music, sport and style.
In a city of opulence and extravagance, Dubai takes self-care and makes it ultra-luxe. Take a personal day and treat yourself to an extreme level of self-care including golden facials, caviar hammams and much more.
For centuries, these 20-person wooden boats have served as water taxis across the Creek. Take the eight-minute trip and get a peek of Dubai as it was, for a single Dirham.
All the wonders of the seven seas, are packed into a tank in the world’s biggest mall.
skydive dubai article
Strap yourself to a trained skydiver and jump from a plane at 13,000 feet. The one-minute freefall over the Palm is the closest you’ll get to flying, and the peaceful parachute descent lets you admire the view.
The only mosque in Dubai open to the public, this proud edifice is a place to soak up the serenity of Islam.
Dubai’s most picture-perfect landmark consists of two 150-metre high towers, connected by a 93-metre glass bridge at the top. Take a trip and admire the panoramic views over old and new Dubai.
Stand on the beach and snap yourself with Dubai’s iconic hotel behind you. The wittier can put out their hand and pretend to be holding the iconic structure in their fingers.
Enter an exclusive screening room, sink into a leather reclining seat, order food and drink during the film, and get cosy with a blanket and pillow.
Traditionally a North African dish, that is very much loved amongst the Dubai population. Shakshouka is a breakfast dish you must try, but beware as it can have quite a bite to it. There are plenty of breakfast venues in Dubai that have this delicious dish on their menu.
dubai fountain boat Dubai bucket list
Gawp at the world’s tallest water plumes as they shoot skyward to rousing music.
A dentist’s chair, a Moroccan tagine, a masquerade mask – whatever pops into your head, you can probably buy it at this sprawling Chinese mall.
It’s popular with stars including Justin Bieber, and no trip to Dubai is complete without a stop-off at Zero Gravity.
Lose your inhibitions, and a little self-respect, at the most bacchanalian brunch of them all.
This no-frills Pakistani restaurant keeps the crowds flocking with its good Punjabi food and cheap prices.
jebel jais zipline article
The world’s longest zip line is conveniently located in the UAE and while it’s not technically in the city it is definitely something worth doing.
Roam the dusty streets of this industrial district in search of an art gallery, pop-up cinema or quirky cafe.
dubai world cup racing
Get dressed up to the nines and watch the richest horse race in the world.
Who needs to charter a yacht when you can fly above the city and experience Dubai with an aerial view?
The experts at Offroad Zone will show you how to let loose in the desert in a 4×4.
The Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai’s most iconic buildings, and for good reason, Take a journey in the super-fast elevator to reach the 125 floor and view the world from above.
Camel Racing
You may think of camels as lumbering beasts but in fact, they can reach speeds of 65km per hour. See them thunder along a racetrack with mini robot jockeys on their humps in April at Al Marmoum Heritage Festival.
Overcome a huge challenge, give your training a focus and raise some money for charity – stop talking about it and enter this 42.195km race. It’s set to take place in February 2023.
Welcome to the fastest non-motorised watersport out there. Strap yourself to a board and let a big kite pull you across the water.
Listen to the lapping waves, gaze at the pearly moon and contort yourself into a human pretzel.
Carve some turns in manufactured snow at this massive fridge for humans.
Join the free running craze at this 25,000-square-foot fun factory with more than 80 trampolines, a performance area, running walls, basketball hoops, a dodgeball court and a giant airbag.
Hot Air Ballooning
Glide through the skies above rolling dunes and oases, and watch the sunrise behind the Hajar Mountains.
Learn about the culture, customs and religion of the UAE at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.
Set off independently with a group of experienced campers, or join an overnight desert safari for a spot of glamping.
Hop on and off this open-top tour bus and visit all the essential Dubai landmarks in one day. The audio narration gives you a masterclass in everything Dubai has to offer so you’ll be ready for the local knowledge round at the next pub quiz.
Green as far as the eye can see, farmers’ markets on weekends and live acoustic music events – welcome to Dubai’s answer to Hyde Park.
thejettylounge Dubai bucket list
Order a fruity cocktail, nab a table on the beach and look out towards the calm Arabian Gulf at this swanky beach bar.
Indulge in an exotic Turkish hamman spa treatment where you’ll be scrubbed, rinsed, lathered and massaged while resting on a warm marble slab. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.
It might be a tourist trap, but it’s no wonder why, JBR has some of the best sunsets the city has to offer.
Grab your friends, pretend you’re all millionaires for a few hours and hire a fancy yacht or catamaran. Don’t forget to take the obligatory selfie shot in front of Burj Al Arab, just to prove how awesome you are.
la perle
La Perle is Dubai’s permanent water-based theatre performance. The Habtoor City show is a must-see.
Strap into the cockpit of a 180 BHP race car and hit the gas.
From the world’s biggest (Dubai Mall) to the bargain-hunters Dubai Outlet Mall, spend the day trawling Dubai’s top Malls for bargains, and try not to pass out by the end.
They’re known as some of the city’s best after-hours parties, start networking now to get yourself in.
Park your car alongside the grounds, pull out your blanket and picnic hamper, and enjoy a jolly good polo match during the cooler months. Tally ho!
Head to The Lounge in the Burj Khalifa and watch the sun go down while you dine on gourmet canapés. The world’s highest lounge, 585 metres above ground offers tea and coffee as well as a glass of Prosecco or house drinks.
Experience a world we haven’t seen yet. Take a journey to the year 2071 at the Museum of The Future where the possibilities are limitless and the building is worthy of a feed post on your Insta.
In a city spoilt for choice, there is a guaranteed ladies’ night every night of the week. If you’re looking for where to go out with the gals, or the guys, then click here for the ultimate guide to where to party on a dime.
Escape the skyscrapers and travel back in time with a trip to Al Fahidi, previously known as Bastakiya. This atmospheric area in Bur Dubai is one of the oldest heritage sites in the city, with its traditional wind towers, hidden courtyards and maze of winding alleyways.
ATMs and food vending machines are so last century. Purchase anything from a 2.5-gram, 24-karat gold coin to a rather more substantial 31-gram (one-ounce) gold bar.
Dubai bucket list
With more than 45 million flowers and more than four kilometres of walkways, we dare you to walk through Dubai Miracle Gardens and leave without 50 or so photos on your phone.
Gevora is one of the world’s tallest hotels located on Sheikh Zayed Road. It comes with a rooftop al fresco viewing platform offering spectacular views across the city.
Complete the gentlemanly ritual of having a shirt made to measure.
Dubai bucket list
If you’re looking for exclusivity that can only be offered in Dubai then look no further than this intimate dining experience. Sublimotion offers a table of only 12 people an unmatched dining experience of culinary art and technological innovation.
Familiarise yourself with the local lingo beyond ‘inshallah’ and ‘habibi’.
Try your hand at clay pigeon shooting at this fortress-styled building and you might even find yourself shooting alongside UAE Olympian Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who regularly trains here.
Carrefour, a French supermarket has released a ‘sail thru’ supermarket which is the world’s first supermarket that offers 300 items to customers near select beaches across Dubai. There is even a ‘seabin’ that vacuums any floating debris into the boat holding tank, so rubbish is collected and disposed of once the vessel returns to shore.
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