Know Everything About [Pi Network] Crypto Currency now 2021

Pi Network is the First Mobile mining Cryptocurrency – Pi Network a.k.a Next Bitcoin

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What is Pi Network Cryptocurrency?

Pi Network Cryptocurrency is a new type of coin that can be mined from mobile. It is made for the purpose to use it for shopping and day to day life. Cryptocurrency is the new form of digital money where it is controlled by the miner means us, none of the Government or Banks gets involves in it. It is decentralised money.


What is the Pi network app?

Pi network App is an app, that helps us to mine Pi coins. In-app we can also create a security circle, Invite others & create our wallet. Now that is also updating it, In future, we can also do the transaction with the app. We can also purchase goods and services from this wallet also.


Is Pi Network a Free Money?

No. Pi Network is not free money. It’s a long term dream project of Stanford PhD Students Dr Nicolas Kokkalis & Dr Chengdiao Fan. It needs to be planned and more and more support they need, to bring this Pi Network coin Public.


Is there any crypto offering free joining?

Yes, You can join Pi Network mining for free. Download the app from HERE. And put referral id: Chinnu1024 to continue your sign in.


Does Pi Network app drain my battery or uses data processors to run Minning?

No, The Pi Network app will not use your mobile data or processors or battery. Instead of burning so much energy to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Pi Network Doesn’t use any data or resources.


Download Pi Network app | Referal code for Pi network | Invite code for Pi Network?

Pi network is a Network-based mining cryptocurrency. Here you cant join with a single man. Always you should be referred by someone, Here is my Code put it while signing in

App Link:
Referral Code: Chinnu1024

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Earn Free Unlimited 💸 Crypto Currency now 2021 | Pi Network
Download App & Put   invite code: Chinnu1024

History About Pi Network?

This Pi Network Cryptocurrency is Developed by Stanford PhD Students Dr Nicolas Kokkalis & Dr Chengdiao Fan. They have made a plan for peer to peer transaction for all the people.

Do I need to open the app for Minning Pi Network?

No, You need not open the pi Network app for mining, You should click the lightning button every 24hrs, otherwise, your mining will get stopped. There a notification comes for Minning again with the same rate. Once you click the lightning button you can close the app.


What is the use of these coins that we are getting after inviting people to the Pi network?

These coins are called Pi Coins. Once the Pi network comes to a real market you can Exchange it with real money like INR, USD, etc. Or you can purchase goods and service available in the app.


What is the current mining rate in the Pi network? Do earlier members Were mining at Higher rates?

The current Minning rate as of May 2021 is 0.10 π/hr. With 17m+ Million Engaged Pioneers! Yes, earlier members were mining at a higher rate see below.

Mine Before The Next Halving:

Minning MembersMinning Rate
1 → 1k3.2 π/hr
1k → 10k1.6 π/hr
10k → 100k0.8 π/hr
100k → 1m0.4 π/hr
1m → 10m0.2 π/hr
10m → 100m0.1 π/hr
100m → 1b…0.05 π/hr
1b → ……0 π/hr

✅ So mine Before it Closes of…..

What is the value of Pi Network Now?

Now Currently the value of Pi Network Coin is 0 dollar / 0 rupees. As bitcoin also had the same value in back 2008. After the hard work of the team and good network Pi network also gains its value.

✅ Mainnet is when it comes to real-world means i.e 1billion members. Soon after all the verified members will get their Pi coins.


Are we late now to Mine Pi Network?

No, Absolutely not, You can mine now also with the rate of 0.1 π/hr. Mine before the next halving i.e 0.05 π/hr. Then after 1 Billion people, the mining will be closed. However, the early people earned so much π/hr.


What is the use of these coins that we are getting after inviting people to the Pi network?

After Inviting anyone to your pool Circle You & him/her will be awarded 1 π each. This will be added to your wallet instantly.


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What is meant by mining session in the Pi network?

One day / 24hrs is called one mining session in the Pi Network. After your three Mining sessions, you will be promoted from Pioneer → Contributor then Ambassador.


What equipment do we require for the Mining of the Pi network?

We need only a single Smartphone for mining Pi Network coin. For running Node, we need Pc or laptop. It’s only for developers or professionals. As You & Me can mine it from Smartphone with Pi Network app.


What will be the problem if a user name is different from the real name in the pi network?

After the completion of all phases, all the mining will be stopped, then the real holders will be awarded their Pi coins. The people who verify their KYC & match all the details only will get the coins. Others coins will be burnt in the system only. So Don’t make fake accounts or Don’t use other names.


After inviting people to the Pi network how much time take to reflect on Pi Screen?

After Inviting people to the Pi network, within their account creation you will be awarded one Pi coin. In Instant, they will be shown on your Pi network Screen.


If I had PI mined from 14th March 2021 with 5 security connections How much is my mining till March 14 2022 | How much Pi can I Mine in one year?

By the end we get 3942 π from 14th March 2021 with 5 security connections till March 14 2022.

✅ At currently we are in a 10m → 100m stage that means we get 0.10 π/hr. 

✅ For Pioneer 0.10 π/hr + Contributer 0.10 π/hr + Ambassador with 5 referrals 0.25 π/hr = Total 0.45 π/hr.

✅ In one Year there are 24 X 365 = 8760hrs  

✅ So, Total coins will be 0.45 π/hr X 8760 = 3942 π


Social Media Links Of pi Network

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App LinkChinnu1024

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