#10 Fun Food Facts, Diet & Benifits for Everyday/Everybody

#10 ❤️Fun Food Facts, Diet & Benifits for Everyday/Everybody
Best foods for your Body | #10 ❤️Fun Food Facts, Diet & Benefits for Everyday/Everybody

A person should have a perfect diet for his Nourishment. If Anyone doesn’t know about Diet, Nutrition, When to eat which food, Daily routine, some facts about some foods, etc… You will get it from this post.

Did You Know? When you eat 2 KIWI fruits 1 hour before bed?

  Eating 2 KIWI fruits daily was linked to better both Sleep quality & Sleep quantity. Because KIWI fruit is high in Serotonin (A happy hormone).


6 Benefits of walking every day in the morning or evening

1. Greate opportunity to catch up on Audiobooks or Podcasts

2. You’ll Burn Calories without a lot of Effort, unlike others

3. Walking helps to improve our Cardiovascular System

4. Walking helps to relieve Joint pain & Stiffness

5. Walking will give you a Boost of Energy

6. A greater way to Unwind & Disconnect


Advantages & Disadvantages of Rice Vs Roti



Rice bowl 10 Fun Food Facts, Diet & Benifits for Everyday Everybody (1)
For 100g of food

Roti 10 Fun Food Facts, Diet & Benifits for Everyday Everybody (1)
For 100g of food



How to Stop Bad Breath from Cucumber?

Now, hold a slice of Cucumber on the roof of your mouth for around 90 seconds. The Chemicals in Cucumber helps us to kill unwanted Bacteria that cause Bad Breath.


What are the 5 benefits of Lemon?

1. It removes the toxic substances from our body

2. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C, hence it Boosts our immunity system

3. Lemon is best for Losing Weight & Fat

4. Lemon helps us to lower the BP(Blood Pressure)

5. Lemon helps us to prevent kidney stones


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Did You Know? Facts about eating Bananas?

Banas is the only fruit that helps your body to produce Serotonin – A natural substance that alleviates depression.

Bananas can help overcome depression due to the high level of Tryptophans, The Vitamin B6 present in Banana makes us tp sleep well. And the Pain & Stress will go with sleep. The magnesium present in it helps to relax the muscles. 

Additionally, The Trytothan in Bananas is well known for its Sleep-Inducing property. 


5 Simple guide or tricks for losing weight or fat

1. Stick to low Calories, avoid high Calories of foods

2. Eat the food which is more in Protein

3. Put a break on Junk Food & Snacks

4. Start doing Excersisis daily & increase the difficulty respectively

5. Eat more Fruits & Vegetables, to build up your strength


8 Reasons Why you Gained Weight Overnight?

1. Lack of sleep, Sleep around 7 hrs a day

2. Weigh-in time, check your weight day-to-day

3. It’s might be because of Muscle Soreness

4. Stress level, First get rid of stress

5. Water retention, drink a sufficient amount of water & allow it to pass out from you regularly

6. Digestive Issue, might be eaten more Food & Slept

7. Take a good amount of Carbohydrates into the body

8. Take good medical tablets or scruples, which has no side effects


#10 ❤️Fun Food Facts, Diet & Benifits for Everyday/Everybody
Funny meme on foods, Benefits of walking every day, benefits of Lemon, facts about banana,


Did You Know? When you eat 4 Almonds a day?

1. Eating 4 Almonds a day helps us to lower Cholesterol

2. Almonds also help in the growth of hairs. Who has hair fall problem they should eat it more frequently?

3. Almonds prevents Heart Diseases

4. Almonds also prevents Wrinklesness

5. Almonds improve the memory power

6. It helps with the growth & Multiplication of good gut Bacteria


4 Healthy eating Tips to Boost your Immune System

1. Eat when food is Hot. Why Because Micro-Organisms cultivate at room Temperature

2. Eat more Cooked Leafy Vegetables. Spinach & Kale are rich in sources of iron and Vitamin B

3. Eat Fruits that are rich in Enzymes. Papaya, pineapple, kiwi, mango can help in Digestion

4. Add Ginger, Garlic & Black pepper when cooking. These 3 spices have Anti-Inflammatory properties


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#12 Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water regularly

1. Coconut keeps the body cool & healthy

2. It orally re-hydrates our body

3. Coconut water carries Nutrients & Oxigen to all the cells

4. Coconut water raises our metabolism rate

5. Coconut water promotes weight loss

6. Coconut water boosts Immune System

7. Coconut water controls Diabetes

8. It also fights against viruses & removes toxic substance

9. Coconut water cleans our digestive Digestive tract

10. It also helps us to maintain or balance our PH value across the whole body

11. It helps to remove Kidney & Urethral Stones

12. Coconut water boost poor Circulation

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#10 ❤️Fun Food Facts, Diet & Benifits for Everyday/Everybody
Top teas, Peppermint, Matcha, Chal, Ginger, Chamomile, White, Hibiscus etc


Did You Know? Facts about eating Sweet Potato?

Sweet Potato has Twice the Fibre, Twice the Calcium, And over 1300 Times more Vitamin A, Comparing to normal white potatoes. Sweet Potato is also called Anti-Inflammatory.


#9 Best Food for Hair growth & hair fall problem

1. Spinach – It has more nutrients and antioxidants, Spinach is a green leafy vegetable

2. Berries – All the types of berries are less calories and extremely nutritious

3. Eggs – Egg has a good amount of Vitamins & Calcium

4. Avocado – It is the only fruit that provides a high amount of MUFA (Monounsaturated fatty acids)

5. Sweet Peppers – Which includes, bell peppers, banana peppers, hot peppers, etc

6. Sweet Potatoes – They are a good source of Fibre, Calcium & vitamins

7. Fatty Fish – It is good for omega-3s, which helps in the growth of hair

8. Nuts – nuts are Rich in fat, fibre, and proteins

9. Oysters – It is special species of water animals that live in marine or brackish


Did You Know? Facts about eating Black Pepper?

Black Pepper enhances turmeric absorption by 2,000% Mixing these spices, tend to have a greater effect on Inflammation, Digestion, Reducing body pain, And also it fight against cancer. 

  Adding 1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric & a pinch of Back Pepper in your daily green smoothie food will help you to Boost up your entry. It feels like a fresh day after completing the food.


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