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Faberlic is a Europe-based direct selling company with over 10 million customers and over 100,000 independent distributors in 44 countries. Already ranked among the top 30 direct selling companies in the world, Faberlic is now poised to launch in the United States.
Faberlic was founded by Alexey Nechaev, an influential entrepreneur, inventor, educator, philanthropist, and political leader. The company’s dramatic growth was originally based on a skin care product line that used a patented method to deliver oxygen to the skin. Through ongoing research and development, the company continues to lead the world in this important technology for skin rejuvenation. Several rigorous scientific studies have proven the measurable benefits of Faberlic’s patented skin care products.
Meanwhile, the company has over time added a massive range of lifestyle products for skin care, cosmetics, personal care, wellness, and home care. Faberlic invents, designs and manufactures several patented premium products, yet offers them all at everyday prices rather than the inflated prices typical of direct selling.
Today, Faberlic provides a “one-stop shopping experience” for all the fundamentals required for an inspiring, comfortable and healthy lifestyle. CEO Konstantin Barmashov said: “We do not ask the consumer to spend new money on extra, discretionary products, we invite consumers to simply transfer their spending and improve their lifestyle with their current budget.”
The company manufactures 70% of its products inhouse, and adds new products every few weeks. Faberlic designs its products to protect the environment and the health of its customers, and its new line for the United States market matches or exceeds the more stringent safety and environmental standards of the European Community.
Faberlic markets its products through a direct selling model designed for the 21st century, with a simple sales process empowered by digital technology. The company offers a seamless international business with global leadership opportunities for its US distributors. Faberlic’s huge and constantly growing catalog of products multiplies the earning possibilities for distributors. The Faberlic compensation system is ideally suited to its large catalog of products and provides exceptional earning opportunities at every level of the business. The company teaches every distributor the skills of a successful social media micro-influencer, and provides a comprehensive array of marketing tools and social media content. Faberlic believes that success comes from personal development and invests in building people to build the business.
Faberlic is a company with a clearly defined mission and strong values. CEO Konstantin Barmashov explained: “Our mission is to help everyone become the best version of themselves, and we fulfill that through our product offerings, our business opportunity, and our social and environmental engagement.”
Faberlic’s core values and priorities include:

One way Faberlic expresses its mission is through its charitable activities. Among other contributions, the company has planted 10 million trees (engaging 50,000 schools in the process), provided material and psychological support to 10,000 young mothers, and during the Covid pandemic distributed 15 million units of sanitizers to hospitals and other locations. Beyond designing, managing and financing these programs, Faberlic makes a point of engaging its community of distributors in the process.
CEO Konstantin Barmashov says: “We believe that contributing to society and the environment is an important aspect of personal growth for every distributor. We will bring this spirit of contribution to our new operations in the United States.”
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