Grandmother says Georgia toddler drowned while his mother was passed out on drugs – Daily Mail

By Shawn Cohen In Savannah, Georgia For Dailymail.Com


The grandmother of Quinton Simon believes the missing toddler accidentally drowned in a bathtub because her daughter and boyfriend were passed out on drugs, the can reveal.
Billie Jo Howell, 45, shared her theory on the case and much more in a bombshell conversation on Saturday with the child’s biological father, Henry ‘Bubba’ Moss.
Her daughter Leilani Simon, 22, has been named the main suspect in the disappearance of her 20-month-old son Quinton, who vanished from his Savannah, Georgia home on October 5.
In an audio of an 11-minute phone call obtained by, Billie Jo can be heard saying: ‘I feel, honestly and frankly, Bubba, I’m not going to lie to you, I feel like there was an accident.’ 
‘I feel like something happened while Quinton was in the bathtub, and he drowned, and they were both high. That’s my theory.’
‘Hell, they should have just called the police if something like that happened,’ Bubba replied.
‘If you’re high as hell, man, you do stupid sh*t,’ said Billie Jo.
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Quinton’s grandmother, Billie Jo, 45, thinks the missing toddler accidentally drowned in a bathtub because her daughter and boyfriend were out of it on drugs 
Leilani Simon (pictured right in a 2020 mugshot) told police that her ex-lover and the boy’s father, Henry Moss, aka ‘Bubba’, (left) snatched her son Quinton Simon from her Savannah home in the darkness of night. After an investigation police determined that Bubba was never in Savannah
In an interview with WTOC on Monday, Leilani Simon asserted that she is not running away even as she remains the prime suspect in the disappearance of her son, Quinton Simon
One-year-old Quinton Simon has been missing since disappearing from his Savannah, Georgia home on October 5. ‘He was happy, always smiling,’ Bubba said of Quinton. ‘He really didn’t scream a lot. He was a good baby’
Billie Jo said police, meanwhile, have shared their own suspicion – that Leilani, the boy’s mother, ‘blacked out’ that morning.
‘The police are the ones saying that she went into a traumatic state and blacked out,’ she told Bubba in the call. 
‘It’s not her saying she don’t remember. That’s what police told her. And that’s what they told me.’
Billie Jo was away when her 20-month-old grandson vanished from their home in Savannah early October 5.
According to police, Leilani’s boyfriend, Danny Youngkin, was the last one to see him around 6am It wasn’t until after 9am that his mother reported him missing.
Police suspect Quinton’s body was placed in a dumpster and investigators have been searching for the body in a nearby landfill. 
Leilani is the prime suspect in the disappearance and presumed death of the 20-month-old, but police are yet to make an arrest. Child Protective Services also removed her two other children from her custody on October 12. 
On Monday Simon spoke out claiming she has now become a prisoner in her own home after being suspected of being involved in her son’s disappearance.
The young mother told WTOC in a teary interview how she has had to barricade herself in her yard to hide from protesters – with some even leaving signs like ‘Baby Killer’ on a memorial she set up outside for her son. 
‘I’m here, I’ve been here every day since this. I’m not running and I’m not hiding,’ she told the local news station.
‘And if something does come up that I am at fault, I will take myself to the police station.’
Bubba said that Leilani kept her pregnancy with Quinton a secret from him. FBI agents assume the boy is dead and are searching a landfill for Quinton’s body
She went on to slam protesters who have been gathering outside her home, saying: ‘It makes it hard to even process what’s going [on] around us.’
‘I can’t even walk out and appreciate my own son’s memorial or put down gifts that I got for him,’ she continued.
In their phone conversation, Bubba asked Billie Jo, who has legal custody of Quinton and his older brother, why police are so confident he was dumped.
‘They’re saying they’ve got video,’ she replied. ‘Nobody’s seen the video.’
Both she and Bubba were wondering why Danny wasn’t also named a suspect, expressing anger that he has since left town. 
The rumor was he was staying with family in Atlanta, but Billie Jo said he was actually in North Carolina.
‘He lied about going to Atlanta,’ she said. ‘He’s not in Atlanta. He’s in Dunn, North Carolina. I’m trying to expose him right now online the best I can.’
The grandmother has spent much of the last couple of weeks holed up at home with her daughter Leilani, her husband and other family and friends who have come to support them.
She told Bubba that she feels like a ‘prisoner’ in her own house, as the police investigation enters its third week. But she said the fact investigators haven’t made an arrest suggests their case is weak.
‘I feel like the FBI is putting a lot of heat on all of us as a family, including you,’ she says. 
‘And they’re doing it on purpose, like they want to break us all down, like there’s something we (will) run up there and tell them.’
She was also skeptical that the FBI will be able to find Quinton’s body in the landfill.
‘You got to figure there’s a lot of trucks that go out there and dump,’ she said. ‘And it was a week before they decided that was where they was gonna go. So that’s a lot of trucks all week.’
Bubba shared his own news, informing Billie Jo that the FBI tested his DNA to confirm that he’s Quinton’s biological father.
He told earlier in the day that police confronted him shortly after Quinton’s disappearance, after Leilani falsely accused him of snatching the child.
In speaking with Billie Jo, Bubba didn’t talk about that. He was fishing for information on the case, and let her do most of the talking.
‘People hate me,’ she said in despair.
Billie Jo said she was away when Quinton went missing and that she had no idea that the children were in danger.
Simon, 22, has claimed she has had to barricade herself inside of her Savannah, Georgia home as protesters gather outside at all hours of the day
Leilani and her mother, Billie Jo Howell, have now put up security cameras and floodlights around the home. A protester is seen here carrying a sign calling them ‘Baby killers’ 
Leilani has also moved Quinton’s memorial from the street to keep unwanted attention from it
‘I promise you I would have never, ever, ever left them babies in a situation that was bad for them,’ she told the boy’s father.
‘I knew Leilani and Danny were having their problems, but I didn’t really see it affecting the kids,’ she continued. 
She said the stress has been wearing her down. And the noise of protesters, gathered outside her house, honking horns and yelling ‘baby killers’ into the night, has made life even more unbearable.
She explained that she tried to escape the noise early last week by traveling to Tybee Island, a nearby vacation resort. She, Leilani and a few friends checked into a motel, then went out drinking a bar. There were media reports of them downing shots of Patron while smiling, on the same day the FBI began a search for little Quinton in the landfill.
Billie Jo was mortified when the news got out, telling Bubba that they should have just stayed at the motel rather than go out drinking at StingRay’s.
‘We left from here (Savannah) because of the protesters,’ she said. ‘It got so bad. My friends from out of town that come down here to support me, they stayed close to me for two days and then decided to get a room at the beach for two days. And we went down there. And I told them I don’t think it’s a good idea that we go out in public with y’all. I think it’s better we stay here at the (motel) room.
‘And they’re like, what, you can’t go have dinner?’ she continued.
‘Now I rationalized in my head, ‘yeah, why can’t we go have dinner?’ You know what I mean? And the next thing you know, we were partying and screaming and hollering.
‘And that’s not the case,’ she said. ‘Leilani didn’t even drink. Now I drank both drinks that was ordered for Leilani. I drank (a friend’s drink). And I drank mine. So I was messed up.
‘And then, of course, I went and laid on the beach and just cried,’ she said. ‘But they didn’t play that part, you know.’
At one point in the conversation, Bubba asked how Leilani was faring, and Billie Jo replied that she’s ‘doing the best she can.’
‘Leilani’s been trying to keep her mind busy with doing a lot of recovery stuff,’ she said.
While Leilani and her mother were seen drinking last week, agents were searching this landfill for any signs of little Quinton’s remains
The Chatham County Police Department shared photos of the team sorting through tons of garbage as they search for little Quinton 
Leilani and her mother, Billie Jo Howell, were at StingRay’s, a beach bar in the vacation town of Tybee Island last week while authorities were searching for Quinton 
Leilani, who has a history of abusing drugs, is starting a rehab program this week, she pointed out. She’s also receiving counseling through a city program called HUGS.
‘She’s got a lot of a lot of different stuff going on with that,’ she said.
‘The bad thing is – I’m asking, hey, what can I do?’
She said she’s desperate to regain a sense of normalcy.
‘It’s just been, it’s been really hard,’ she confided to Bubba. ‘And the protesters and stuff like that out there, we can’t even process what our next move needs to be and what we need.
‘I’m trying to figure out if it’s a good idea that I go back to work,’ she added, ‘and I need to go back to work. The last thing I want to do is to bring this kind of attention to a job site. I won’t have a job long.’
‘And now nobody can go anywhere by ourselves,’ she continued. ‘Everybody has to have a riding partner. You can’t leave. The only time Leilani can leave is when we sneak her out for appointments that she has.’
They kept returning to the subject of drugs and how that may have played a role in Quinton’s disappearance.
‘You’re a different person when you (do drugs),’ Billie Jo said. ‘I’m not defending her. You know what I mean? But I know I’m not the same person on drugs. Actually, if I’m on drugs, you all ain’t going to see Billie nowhere because Billie got to go hide out with the addicts. I can’t go to work, I can’t look at people in the face. I can’t. I gotta go. I gotta go MIA. But that’s how I do.’
‘Well I feel like if it was an accident, they should have just called the police,’ Bubba responded.
‘I agree,’ Billie Jo said.
Billie Jo continued to vent about feeling trapped.
‘The police told me that, a matter of fact, they told me if I felt like I needed to get away, I needed to leave and go somewhere, that Leilani needs to stay here,’ she said.
 ‘The only reason I’m not in Quinton’s life is because she left,’ Bubba told ‘She was not welcome here anymore with all her lying and stealing’
Leilani, 22, is the main suspect in the disappearance of her 20-month-old son. She is pictured in a 2021 mugshot after an arrest for theft in North Carolina. Bubba described Leilani as a cheater and liar who spent her days snorting cocaine and smoking marijuana
At one point,  Billie Jo seems to address a comment to both Bubba and Leilani, who may have been listening.
‘I don’t mean this in no kind of way, Leilani, but who the f**k don’t leave their own house?’ Billie Jo said,. ‘You know what I mean? That’s how you would feel if we was in different shoes. Who the f**k don’t leave their own house?’
As the phone conversation winded down, Billie Jo offered Quinton’s father some love.
‘I don’t know baby, but I know no matter what, you’re in my family, and you’re in my heart,’ she told him.
‘Yeah, I just wanted to know if y’all heard anything else,’ Bubba replied. ‘I don’t know.’
‘As soon as I do, honey, you’ll be one of the first ones I call,’ she said.
It was late afternoon, and Bubba, standing outside his home in Girard, Georgia, a rural town 85 miles from Savannah, was preparing to head out for the season’s first day of deer hunting.
‘Alright, well, I’m fitting to go deer hunting, so I guess I’ll talk to you later,’ he told Billie Jo.
‘Alright, I love you,’ she replied.
‘Alright,’ he said. ‘Love you.’
Before he could hang up, she half-joked, ‘Bring us some deer meat now, you know we can’t leave the house.’
‘Alright,’ he said, and she replied, ‘We prisoners.’
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