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In conversation with Prashob Kalarikkal, Group Director, Huckster
How many clients and campaigns have you managed so far since the inception of Huckster MENA?
Huckster MENA has always concentrated on creating excellent and unique Marketing campaigns through vibrant approaches and we believe in quality over quantity. This is what has made our portfolio stronger and always growing to this day. We have worked with 300+ clients and launched more than 800 campaigns. We have several clients that have been loyal to us since day 1, which shows our expertise in the field of marketing and advertising and our outstanding client servicing.
Huckster has also established itself as the leading company in Dubai’s digital marketing services, and when we launched our commercial AD Productions division – Huckster Productions, it was exciting to be known as a team of content developers and marketeers.
What is your vision with the launch of Huckster Productions in the UAE? What makes it different from other production houses in the UAE?
Our marketing ideas prioritize human values along with the highest creative standards, ensuring that we deliver the right message to the right audience. A sustainable approach with our servicing has led to a remarkable marketing operation in the past, present and will only keep improving in the future. Huckster Productions was launched with an adventure to become not only a carbon neutral, but also a carbon-negative organization in the region and beyond. As a result, we believe to be very different from other production houses and take pride in our vision and mission.
 Obviously, sustainability is a big part of your vision. How do you plan to be a carbon-negative production house?
Our vision of becoming a carbon-negative organization has been a key responsibility of everyone at Huckster Productions. Every project we work on will have its carbon footprint calculated and reviewed by a team of specialists, after which we will intend to invest in sustainable practices and green ecosystem efforts in the region and beyond.
As Director & Creative Head of Huckster Productions, what you are plans to take the company to the next level?
 We primarily focus on content-driven commercials that satisfy the requirements of the clients while being as authentic as possible for the end user. One of our organizations core belief is the more sustainably we perform the more we are able to give back to nature.
We do this by balancing carbon emissions through reforestation and other approaches. In terms of the future, we are very much updated on the latest technological advancements and are gradually looking into adapting to the new world of Metaverse and creating advertising in virtual and augmented reality, which we believe will be possible soon.
How do you foresee the future of media and film in this region?
I believe that the future of media and entertainment throughout the world will be an immersive experience for the end consumer. The UAE is a rapidly expanding market and over here you can feel the pulse of the world. It swiftly adapts to current technological advancements and is on its way to being a sustainable country by 2030. It’s important to consider our planet in everything we do and we hope to inspire everyone in the art industry to follow through and inculcate sustainability in their future plans.
Follow the company on its social media accounts @huckstermena to keep up with all upcoming works or contact +971563982363

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