ICC T20 Cricket World Cup: Get live Cricket commentary and scores using Alexa and Google Assistant – The Indian Express

With ICC’s T20 Cricket World Cup just around the corner, you might want to stay updated on the match schedules and scores. Thankfully, AI-powered voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can tell you the score in real-time and even help you tune in to live commentary.
Here’s a quick look at some of the voice commands you can use to stay updated on the latest happening in the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup on the go.
Using Google Assistant to make queries about cricket live scores is pretty easy. To do so, simply fire up Google Assistant by using the hot word ‘Ok Google’ or press the microphone button on your device’s search widget. You can also launch the Google app and press the microphone button there.
Using Google Assistant, you can get information like live scores, and match schedules, see whos currently batting and check who won past matches by asking questions like ‘What’s the current cricket score?’, ‘Who is batting right now?’, ‘What time is the match today?’, ‘What’s the current score?’, ‘When is India’s next cricket match’ and more.
Apart from Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa also supports several voice commands you can use to stay updated during the world cup. Amazon recently added a skill to Alexa that lets users listen to live commentary.
Available on a multitude of devices including but not limited to Fire TV, Echo smart speakers, Alexa mobile app and Amazon shopping app, you can tune into live commentary by saying ‘Alexa, start live cricket commentary’.
To keep track of your favourite team, you can also use commands like ‘Alexa, remind me when India’s match starts’, ‘Alexa, when is India’s next match’ and ‘Alexa, who won today’s match?’.
Amazon’s voice assistant can also help you keep track of schedules by using voice commands like ‘Alexa, what is today’s match?’ or ‘Alexa when is India vs Pakistan match?’. You can also get information on past matches using commands like ‘Alexa, who is the man of the match?’, ‘Alexa, how many runs did India score?’ and more.
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