Let’s peek inside Taj Mahal Queen Bathroom | A Secret View What’s Inside?

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Taj Mahal Queen Bathroom

Let's peek inside Taj Mahal's Queen Bathroom | A Secret View What's Inside?

              Hey, WhatsApp Fambhru today I am going to take you into the bathroom of Mumtaz Mahal. The wonderful Mamataz Mahal’s bathroom with taj mahal musician, taj mahal paintings, Inside taj mahal, Mirrors on top of the roof, taj mahal carvings, etc.. Historians say that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built it by the inspiration of Queen Mumtaz Mahal. 


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             If you go inside and stand at a corner of the bathroom in Mumtaz mahal. Then light the candles, and just move them all around. You can see amazing patterns on the ceilings. This is a brilliant architecture of Indian engineers. The amazing patterns is because of the reflection of light from millions of small mirrors, Placed on the top roof.

              Queen Mumtaz Mahal would be lying in the bathtub, center of the bathroom. And some maids move the candles all around, just like you see in the video. And she would be enjoying it very well with visuals of sparkling lights. 

Let's peek inside Taj Mahal's Queen Bathroom | A Secret View What's Inside?


                 It’s not about only happiness for eyes, For ears, there were taj mahal musicians, Who were playing different types of musical sounds with inbuilt instruments. The walls of about 400 years back, and still produces different kind of sounds. When we tap on them. (Taj Mahal Queen Bathroom)

              The men are not allowed inside the Taj Mahal Bathroom. But a group of Eunch Musicians were given work to play melodious music.

Let's peek inside Taj Mahal's Queen Bathroom | A Secret View What's Inside?

             The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan imported all the precious mirrors from Syria, to build it with the highest quality available. Some historians say that The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan was fond of women, so that he can thousands of reflections of them, while she was in Bathtub. 

               Now, you can see many more tiny images of the person who is standing below it. This building is also called “Sheesh Mahal”, it means “Palace of Mirrors”. 

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              The walls of the Mamatz Mahal Bathroom were carved and painted. There were Differents types of design. The artists were just awesome. The bright clicks of coffee plants with bright red coffee cherries. It is most beautiful because artists powdered Ruby, a semiprecious stone, and used it to paint these cherries. 

                They have also used Malachite stones in this building. There is a unique painting of a grapevine with more of grapes bush. Historian says that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and Queen Mumtaz Mahal Were loved for drinking grapes vine together.

Let's peek inside Taj Mahal's Queen Bathroom | A Secret View What's Inside?

               There is a fountain in the middle of the bathroom where Queen Mumtaz Mahal took bath. This is made with Marble. This was called a Jacuzzi which was built 400 years ago. These fountains were working without electricity. Instead, water from the tank which was placed on the top would fall and from this pressure, the fountain will work.

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