Jagdish Chandra Bose – The father of WiFi? and 5G Technology


Jagdish Chandra Bose - The father of WiFi? and 5G Technology

Dear Fambhru, how could you forget one of the greatest ever lived on Earth. There are facts about Jagdish Chandra Bose the greatest scientist ever lived. Not only You and I say that he is the best scientist, most famous and well-known people also say. Just I would place him in the top position in my real celebrity list. The fact that most of us don’t know much about Jagdish Chandra Bose [J.C.Bose]. You all know this but we Indians don’t have proof or patent on it. 


Early Life:

He was born in 1858 when the British were continuously abusing India. He cleared his basic studies in Bengal school. His father’s wish was for him to master his own language first. He was raised in a local of India and he is in pure Indian tradition. 

He was sent to England to complete his doctorate course. But he failed to complete his orders. so this led them to enter his life in the Physics field. He came back to India as a Professor of Physics at Presidency College Calcutta. there he was just paid a hundred ruppes[100] per month. This was one third [1/3] of which Britishers were paid for the same qualifications.

Jagdish Chandra Bose - The father of WiFi? and 5G Technology


Even holding all these obstacles in his head, His inventions changed the world. In 1895 [TownHall, Kolkatta] Sir J C Bose used electromagnetic waves to ring the bell which was 75 feet away. Just like how wifi works today. All this happened 2 years before Marconi invented the radio. Marconi was using BOCES Mercury coherer, which makes radio communication possible. Marconi just rushed to make money from the radio that is commercialized.

Whereas our J C Bose didn’t even want to paint on his discovery. Not just radio, he generated and measured 5 millimetres of electromagnetic waves of 60 gigahertz in frequency. Before the instruments were even evolved to measure the frequencies, J C bose was dealing with millimetre-wave i.e backbone of 5g technology. 

That’s not the end of J C Bose’s inventions. On the 10th of May 1901, he said that plants are also living beings like other animals. Plants can feel hot-cold, light, noise, etc… They also can feel the music and reacts also. In smooth music, it grows faster and healthier than growing in disturbing music.

Plants also feel pain, like when the roots are dipped in poison. They also scream like other animals. Recently a german scientist said that Plants and trees talk to each other. That was said by J C Bose many many years ago. He invented many tools and instruments that are still used in microwave technology. One of the instruments is Crescograph. Which helps us to understand stimuli in plants. 


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He is the first Indian science fiction writer. All his works and projects were made in a small room where he lived was size just 24 square feet. This was because India was colonized by the British. They are denied for a fully equipped true laboratory.

Jagdish Chandra Bose - The father of WiFi? and 5G Technology
Jagdish Chandra Bose – The father of WiFi? and 5G Technology

The great Indians contribution to the world is Zero. How many times we have heard of this statement. I want to change the mind of the people when they think of India. Our culture and our Contribution to the model world is greater. I want to hear examples of not just Einstein Edison and Marconi, But also of Indian great scientists. This is also because we Indians don’t patent anything. 

His greater Contribution was the founding stone of wireless communication. Wi-Fi, radio, internet all that is contributed by him as we enjoy it today. That he was happy to the underground as long as he made foundations. That’s exactly India’s contribution to the world. Throughout history, we have made innumerable foundations for the modern world. 

In his name, there is a crater on the Moon. Crater means holes on the moons, which were caused by asteroids or in the creation of the moon.

That’s the Reason Why I LOVE INDIA!  If you have any questions ❓ or suggestions please leave a comment 📄. Don’t hesitate to type ⌨️ a single sentence. If you really liked 💗💓 this post then please share this.


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