Jenkon today announced their latest innovation in digital commerce for the direct selling industry, the JoTLive™ shopping platform – PR Web

Delivering Authentic Engagement to the Online Shopping Experience
Companies today must differentiate themselves in the hyper-competitive world of online selling. Post-pandemic markets have required companies to provide dynamic, compelling, yet remote purchasing experiences. At the same time, a new, educated consumer now expects a highly personalized shopping experience, delivering interactivity and ‘immersive’ technologies. Live Shopping has emerged as the hottest trend in digital and social commerce, with over $600B in worldwide sales expected in 2023, according to McKinsey & Co.
JoTLive empowers direct sales companies to cost-effectively deliver live streaming commerce to their independent sales representatives and retail customers. Live commerce is an online, real-time video experience which allows consumers to watch and interact with entrepreneurs and sellers, creating an exciting and personalized engagement with quick, simple ordering. JoTLive also allows the seller to archive recorded shows to be available, on-demand, by future customers who can then purchase products when viewing the event at a later time. JoTLive sales events can be conducted by the company, or easily presented by its representatives, social media influencers, or affiliates sharing product or service information. JoTLive can support hundreds of show attendees or allow a consultant to conveniently have one-to-one video calls with friends.
Robert Cavitt, Jenkon CEO, cites that ‘many of the largest online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Facebook, and Shopify, now offer live streaming commerce platforms as a fee-based service. However, JoTLive allows companies to provide a live shopping experience completely branded to their unique business, and not the 3rd-party online marketplace. Additionally, direct selling companies retain all of the revenue generated from each of their live events‘.
JoTLive is the latest addition to a modular, cloud-based application suite called JoT™, the Jenkon of Things. Companies can license a specific software solution, such as JoTLive, or choose to implement multiple products from Jenkon’s innovative suite.
About Jenkon
Jenkon is the world leader in providing software innovations to global direct selling companies, their sales representatives, retail customers, affiliates, social influencers and gig entrepreneurs. Jenkon’s award-winning success in supporting thousands of companies worldwide has resulted in unrivaled decades-long relationships with loyal clients. Visit the website to learn more and set up a free Discovery Session.
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