Klein Vision | #1 Flying car manufacturers in 2021 (Stefan Klein)


Klein Vision by Stefan Klein is the best flying car manufactures.

Klein Vision Company History

Stefan Klein [Founder] of Klein Vision

Klein Vision | #1 Flying car manufacturers in 2021 (Stefan Klein)
Source: Instagram profile: Klein Vision

Stefan Klein is both CEO & Founder of the company Klein Vision. For around 20 years he is dreaming about flying cars. As in Our country, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said in “Wings of Fire”. Now that sentences have come true. Now the latest news is AirCar (V5) Flying car changes from road vehicle to air vehicle in less than 3 minutes. It was tested in Nitra airport on October 27, 2020.


Stefan Klein Education

He completed his studies from:

Slovak University of Technology (SUT) in 1983
Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD)
École des Beaux Arts et Design, Saint Étienne in 1993

Then Stefan Klein becomes the head of Transport and Design at AFAD. He also made many top projects for brands like BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen, etc.


– The Economic Times


Developments of Klein Vision

He 1st opened an AirExplore charter airline company with his Brother and Friends. He made many Machines like a walking excavator, Locomotive 772, Golf car, and many varieties of Electric scooters.

Klein Vision | #1 Flying car manufacturers in 2021 (Stefan Klein)
Source: Instagram profile: Klein Vision

AEROMOBIL 1 (1989)

Aeromobil 1 is the first flying car by Stefan Klein. Aeromobil 1 consists of 4 lift surfaces with the canard type design. Wingspan 2.5mts with a total of 5mts long. The whole transformational idea is to make it like cars and aircraft. the aerodynamics & wind tunnel tests were good. But the driving tests were not fully optimistic because of the overall width of aeromobil 1.


AEROMOBIL 2 (1996)

In 1996 he stated with a new plan by the codename AM2 (AEROMOBIL 2). In this, the car/aircraft modes are activated in transformation. And this was the first time. The main design of the craft was wing rotation in the wing bolt. This gave a new concept for take-off and transformation. Both AEROMOBIL 1 & AEROMOBIL 2 are kept in the Aviation Museum in Košice.


AIRCAR (2016)

Klein Vision | #1 Flying car manufacturers in 2021 (Stefan Klein)
Source: Instagram profile: Klein Vision

Stefan Klein left aeromobil company in 2016. Then Stefan Klein with his entrepreneur Anton Zajac started a new company called Klein Vision. This company state to make his all dreams true to design his flying cars. The company was patented in 2017. He started to build unique transformations from aircraft to car and vice versa.


Flying car market to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040”
– Morgan Stanley (Yahoo! News)

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Concept Of Klein Vision company

The side wings come up and fold and fall back to the backside of the car. I the car mode using spoiler & elevator pitch it makes a downward force. Whereas in the aircraft mode the body generates upward lift.


Versions of Klein Vision company

  • 2-seat version
  • 4-seat version
  • Twin-engine version
  • Amphibious version
Klein Vision | #1 Flying car manufacturers in 2021 (Stefan Klein)
Source: Instagram profile: Klein Vision

Research & Development 

There are so many functional units in Air Car. Its aerodynamics provides more space for passengers. Its folding style and compressing itself are very and takes less space. Which helps move. It uses advanced technologies for transformation. Retractable wings, Parachute deployment system, Folding tail surfaces, make the flying car awesome.


Materials used in Klein Vision

Air Car has been built with many advanced hi-tech materials that are produced by certified Slovak Company SK MODEL (s.r.o.). All the materials are made with the highest quality available. To ensure the safety and durability capacity of Aircar all the Metals, Rubber, Plastic, turbine & boosters, are of no.1 Quality.


– The Mirror


1st Exhibition of Klein Vision

Slovakian company, Klein Vision Ltd displayed their aircar in Automobile Exhibition Hall which is situated in China International Import Expo. It landed at Pudong International Airport via South Korea. Slovakia Company has 5 successful sports aircraft manufacturers including Klein Vision.


Latest News of Klein Vision (Flying Cars)

AirCar (V5) is the latest invention of Stefan Klein. It can transform from car to aircraft in less than 3-minutes. It is most comfortable for self-driving and can be used as commercial taxies. It has dual modes, with simple one-click it can change from car to aircraft and vice-versa. It was tested at Piestany airport in Slovakia. Which gave full success reports of two take-offs and two landings.

Cars can be heavy but air crafts can. By seeing this Aircar weighs 1,100kg and carries an additional 200kg for flight. It is powered by a BMW 1.6l engine. It can fly up to 300mts above the ground with 200km/hrs speed.

With the Aircar, you can go to any place you want. Unlike wasting time in security check-ups in the airports. You can ride an aircar into the golf course or to the office or mall, hotel, etc. It takes only the normal parking space like any other car. This all was addressed by Stefan Klein.


About Klein Vision, s.r.o.

It is a research & development company by Stefan Klein. His 30 years dreams are now coming to reality. This company makes flying cars at affordable prices.


Social Media of Klein vision

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCHAHvcO7KSNmgXVRIJLNkw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kleinvision_official/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kleinvision
Website: https://klein-vision.com/

Contact: [email protected]



Dlha 180, 94907 Nitra, Slovakia


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