LETTER: Nevada at the bottom in health care, education – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Yet we spend our money on green energy?
Nevada has the lowest number of 5-star hospitals of any state and the highest percentage of 1-star hospitals (Sunday Review-Journal). I have read that Nevada is ranked in the bottom for health care.
Nevada is ranked at the bottom nationally for Pre K-12 education.
Yet, I read Nevada will receive $2.7 billion for renewable energy projects, which includes tax incentives for electric vehicles and solar panels to fight climate change. Ask parents if they are more concerned that their children receive a better education or about climate change. Ask senior citizens if they are more worried about going to the hospital to get the best care or about climate change.
I have lived here for 19 years and have not seen improvement in education or health care. Prioritize what’s important for Nevadans.
Pandering to the disruptive is the wrong approach.
Nevada State College is a little gem on the edge of town.
Be happy for others.
Felons don’t care about the law.
Early September was scorching.
How about a tax for miles driven?
Surprise, surprise, the Clark County School District has a serious teacher shortage.
District needs to get on the ball.
Drive electric vehicles, but don’t charge them.
Are we better off than before the incumbent was elected?
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