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Local Web Leads, LP
Forbes Agency Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Executives in Successful Public Relations, Media Strategy, Creative, and Advertising Agencies
Local Web Leads, LP, led by Joseph Christoforo & Geoff Frink, an internet marketing agency that provides their clients essential lead generation, through internet marketing, to help them grow their businesses, has been accepted into Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only community for owners of and executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative, and advertising agencies.
Both co-founders Joseph Christoforo & Geoff Frink were vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of their experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.
“We are honored to welcome Local Web Leads, LP into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes the Forbes Agency Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”
As an accepted member of the Council, Mr. Frink has access to a variety of exclusive opportunities designed to help him reach peak professional influence. He will connect and collaborate with other respected local leaders in a private forum. Mr. Frink will also be invited to work with a professional editorial team to share his expert insights in original business articles on Forbes.com and to contribute to published Q&A panels alongside other experts.
“We are excited to be a part of the Forbes Agency Council. We are in our 10th year of business and have experienced tremendous growth each year. We would not be able to do any of this without our team, especially our leadership team. We evaluate our marketing strategies each year and make adjustments to adapt to the always-changing landscape of internet marketing. We continue to improve the quality of service that we provide our loyal clients every year. We thank all of the long-term clients that put their trust in us to help continue to grow their business”, Geoff Frink commented when asking about the honor of joining the council.
“It’s an honor to be associated with the council, and we look forward to exploring all of the opportunities that we have to connect with other members, contribute to the council, and help our business counterparts. It’s an illustrious consideration, and we look forward to making the community proud with our involvement.”
Forbes Councils is a collective of invitation-only communities created in partnership with Forbes and the expert community builders who founded the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). In Forbes Councils, exceptional business owners and leaders come together with the people and resources that can help them thrive.
For more information about Forbes Agency Council, visit forbesagencycouncil.com. To learn more about Forbes Councils, visit forbescouncils.com.
Local Web Leads, LP
800 West 5th St, #608
Austin, TX 78703
[email protected]
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