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As the metaverse evolves, it’s predicted that humans will spend a significant portion of their day in this virtual digital world — where digital avatars will work, live and play. If this is the case, then there will be opportunities for brands to market, advertise and engage with consumers in this virtual digital world — as it coexists alongside the physical world of today.
So how will marketing and advertising technologies (or madtech) need to change to account for the metaverse, perhaps the biggest customer engagement disruption since social media?
The answer is three main areas — integration, innovation for insight and authenticity and transparency.
The term integration applies to many different areas of the organization. Let’s highlight just a few:
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As brands start to explore the metaverse, they will need to consider how to refactor not only technology integrations but, in some instances, entire technologies to account for a greater level of consumer insight.
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Consumers today are not short on skepticism when it comes to Madtech messages, particularly younger generations. While they are digitally native, and many are using metaverses already, they possess a general distrust of all things marketing and advertising. Here’s how to appeal to this audience as well as other portions of the population:
Enterprise-based metaverses are on the horizon, and it’s very likely a large portion of your consumer base is already using some sort of metaverse today. Think about how you can weave better integrations, insight, authenticity and transparency into your madtech processes as you prepare for your own organization’s metaverse to come to life.
Jonathan Moran covers global product marketing activities at SAS, with a focus on customer experience and marketing technologies. Prior to SAS, Jon gained over 20 years of marketing and analytics industry experience at both Earnix and the Teradata Corporation in pre-sales, consulting and marketing roles.


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