Mir K Rasool of Index Exchange named among Asia’s 100 Power Leaders in Marketing & Communications with the prestigious listing in Forbes – Gulf News

Titles were announced at the Leadership Conclave held in New Delhi on the August 9
Mr. Mir K Rasool, Chief Business Officer of the leading remittances brand, Index Exchange with over four decades of operations in the UAE, gets awarded as the ‘Asia’s 100 Power Leaders in Marketing & Communications 2022’ with the listing in the prestigious Forbes Magazine.
This award attests that Mir has proven a track record of success across India & Middle East and has been recognized as one of Asia’s 100 best in commendation with the exemplary achievements in the field of Marketing & Communications and contribution to the respective organizations he has worked with during his illustrious career.
He was named in the prominent category for his extensive expertise spanning close to two decades in retail, remittances, cross-border payments, currency exchange, Telecom, and consumer electronics, associating with some of the most renowned businesses in India and the Middle East. As an exceptional leader and a well-read professional, Mir was recognized for his immense knowledge of developing and implementing integrated marketing communications plans that helped raise brand awareness and increase demand, across all related aspects.
Being a research and data-driven professional, Mir has held several senior and strategic positions with power brands like Bharti Airtel, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maxx Mobiles, Videocon Industries, and UAE Exchange, among other major brands. As the Chief Business Officer of Index Exchange, one of the trusted currency exchange and money transfer firms in the UAE, he is now utilizing his broad knowledge and expertise to drive the brand, business growth, and innovation in the remittances sector.
The White Page Leadership Conclave 2022 was held at Le Meridian hotel, New Delhi, India on the 9th of August and was attended by several influential figures of the corporate world, which included leaders from marketing & corporate communications, HR, finance, brand custodians, and business professionals across Asia along with over 200, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CXOs, VIPs and dignitaries of various reputed institutions.

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