What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine🤔

What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine
What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine


We are Anticipating danger from outer space, colossal explosions taking place. Asteroids and Comets travel at tremendous speed, and there are black holes and all this can potentially cause the death of the earth. But what about something small for example an ordinary sewing needle or a grain of sand accelerating to the speed of light and then crashes into our planet Earth.

Any object having matter can’t travel at the speed of light or faster. So scientists from NASA won’t imagine such a disaster. Well, I will do it for them today. You’ll see how dangerous such small things can be if they are properly accelerated and at the same time, you’ll learn about another strange scenario of the end of the world. 

Our planet is constantly bombarded by various cosmic bodies. We don’t even notice most of them they just burn up in the atmosphere. Sometimes Celestial Bodies managed to reach the visibility zone and even make some noise. For example the Chelyabinsk meteor or the very asteroid that caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. But the fact is that all these celestial bodies move very slowly of course considering the scale of the universe. For example, the Chile events meteor was moving at a speed of 60 to 69 thousand kilometers per hour that’s 37 to 43,000 miles per hour.

Now imagine that one day scientists will report the terrible news. An unknown object is approaching the earth at the speed of light. It’s very small the size of a needle or even a grain of sand. If at this stage you had time to think that there’s nothing to worry about it. Then you are the biggest dump.

All Depends on Speed:

It’s all about speed for example take a car if it moves at a speed of about 50 km/h and hits a person. The person will survive. If you Accelerate the car to 65 km/h then the collision could result in death or serious injuries. The speed of light is almost 300,000 km/h. This is very fast in nature. Visible light and other types of Electromagnetic Radiation travel at the speed of light and also possibly Gravitational Waves. Scientists believe that Massive Particles can’t move at the speed of light they can only come close to it. For example, protons are accelerated just to near light speed in the Large Hadron Collider.

What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine
What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine

The size does not matter even a tiny object having Accelerated to Tremendous speed will become deadly. It won’t burn up in the atmosphere and will not explode in flight. The bonds that ensure the integrity of an object will stop working. A grain of sand or a Needle will simply become a bunch of atoms passing through the air.

Real Danger is Kinetic Energy:

But the real Danger is Kinetic Energy. I won’t bore you with calculations. We will immediately get to the result. The Kinetic Energy for example, of a Grain of Sand. Which has nearly accelerated to the speed of light, will be equal to the Kinetic energy of an object weighing 100 tons.  That is falling from a height of a 15 story building. It is as if the largest part of the “Statue of Liberty” fell from its pedestal.

What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine
What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine

So if a Needle rushing at the speed of light and strikes the earth. The collision energy is similar to the Energy of a Nuclear Bomb approximately 43 kilotons of TNT. And that’s a lot. The Bomb Fatman dropped on Nagasaki had a capacity of about 21 kilotons. Just compare the two, an ordinary needle and a nuclear bomb that destroyed an entire city. To understand what kind of destruction such a collision can make.

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It could Explode Earth:

What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine
What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine

You need to choose a City for example New York. A Needle moving at the speed of light strikes Manhattan “cinematic alien invasions” happen here. If an Atomic bomb of the same power was dropped here. Then most of Manhattan and the surrounding area would be destroyed. Even at a distance of 4 km building windows would break. People who are a little closer to the epicentre would suffer serious harm. For example, they would get third-degree burns. Central Park will be almost completely burned. People who are within 1 and a half km far from that place where the bomb Falls are likely to die within a month.


It could Pierce the Earth:

However, this whole situation is of course Hypothetical. So there’s an alternative point of view. Some physicists believe that because of too much Kinetic energy and Enormous Inertia, The needle will simply pierce the earth through. And this will happen so quickly that no one will even notice the needle. It will come out on the other side of the planet. And continue its flight. Perhaps due to Interaction with the Mantle and the Earth’s crust earthquakes will begin. But they are unlikely to be strong ultimately humanity will easily survive.

What If it hits Human:

Whatever happens but, what if the Needle doesn’t strike the ground or even the water. But rather a person. The probability of this is quite small. But it’s still there. It would seem that this is just like the Statue of Liberty which dropped on your head. Yes and from the 15th floor. It sounds like it’s impossible to survive. The kinetic energy of the needle will be very strong. If your body absorbs it completely it will simply explode.

What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Imagine

But physics is a tricky thing. Due to the high energy and small size, the needle in contact with the skin will immediately begin to destroy all the bonds between cells. In this case, the rest of the body will feel almost nothing. The object will simply move through the body. Dissipating a little of its energy into friction. In slightly increasing your temperature. As a result, the needle will be able to make an almost perfect hole in your body. Not a Single Vital organ is affected. And the wound is likely to be cauterized.

Now I ask you a Question?

What If a Needle Hits the Earth at the Speed of Light? Yes, your opinion in the Comment box📄. If you really liked 💗💓 this post then please share this with your close ones. And also with the people, who think they are the most intelligent person.
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