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Recently, cryptocurrency giants and market movers, FTX, have shocked the world and their investors. Post failing to strike a deal with crypto rivals Binance, FTX CEO Sam Bankman filed for bankruptcy. Amid the chaos, an unseen video of him and his brand ambassador Tom Brady has taken the internet by storm.
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Tom Brady signed a deal with the company last year that made him an FTX brand ambassador. The company also brought in Brady’s ex-wife to their board. During this deal, Brady received a significant stake in the company.
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As unseen videos of Tom Brady and Bankman are leaked, the NFL world goes into a frenzy. Tom Brady called the billionaire ‘my boy’ in the video as they got together in the Bahamas. 
“Tom Brady Is One of Them”: Now Bankrupt FTX CEO Unloaded on Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen for Their Massive Investment in His Failed Venture
6 days ago
A fan questioned Sam’s credibility as he couldn’t take him seriously post this video, where Sam just bobbed his head before walking away.
How the hell did anyone take SBF seriously? I just do not get it.
— Badger_State (@Badger_State) November 13, 2022

A crypto head showed no mercy as he related Sam’s walking away, filing for bankruptcy
He was preparing for his exit scam runaway like @stablekwon @KyleLDavies @zhusu
— Crypto Degen (@DegenCrypto8) November 13, 2022

A user had something personal with Sam’s hairstyle. His stereotyping of Sam for his hair, in fact, did end up saving him from a financial crisis.
Lol. People rated FTX. I saw the bros hair and thought no thank you. Hair like that can clearly not be trusted with money.
— Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart (@tomthepirate) November 13, 2022

This fan’s conspiracy theory puts Tom Brady under the radar.
Tom would not be with him if he wasn't a criminal himself.
— Hereforthestorm (@LisaMid72679888) November 13, 2022

Another longer video appeared between the two. Similarly to the other one, it wasn’t clear if it was used for promotional purposes or not. However, the content that they may have been going for back in the day has only come back to haunt them. As the video goes about Brady was causing errors on the device. This narrative didn’t age well as the company is exactly in an ‘error situation.’ As usual, fans were at their candid best.
This fan couldn’t get their head around the whole situation, as she called them looters.
I don't know they loot. They just smiled and asked your money then run away
— 🐳 Burner (@unknown__burner) November 12, 2022

This fan took the opportunity to relate it to Brady’s poor form this season.
Kinda like his playing this season..😏😏😂😂
— Michelle (Semi-Fredo) (@randomname7700) November 12, 2022

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Not a fan of the content, but this fan got vocal on Twitter about it.
I cringed so hard while watching this that my face collapsed. Thanks a lot
— absolute cherub (@_ac_slayter_) November 12, 2022

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Sam Bankman-Fried will hope this week was just a bad nightmare. The billionaire saw 94% of his net worth get wiped out as FTX shares tanked amid a liquidity crisis in the company. FTX has been a huge investor in American and global sports. Post filing for bankruptcy, the future of these deals remains uncertain. Meanwhile, this crisis just adds to the list of Brady’s ongoing woeful season.
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