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Nissan is shifting gears with its marketing efforts in Canada, placing new focus on its heritage in motorsports to build itself as an overall brand, rather than honing in on individual vehicles in its line-up.
Developed alongside Nissan United, Juniper ParkTBWA’s bespoke agency for the automaker, the new campaign hinges on a 60-second spot with various cutdowns that showcase the Sentra, Rogue, Nissan Z and Super GT. The spot aims to establish a “multiverse” that highlights both Nissan’s everyday vehicles and its role in high-performance motorsport, showing scenes of everyday driving performance and then contrasting them with their motorsport inspirations.
“Our goal was to highlight Nissan’s lengthy performance heritage, be it our involvement in motorsports globally or within Canada with our very own Sentra Cup racing series,” says Alannah David-Clark, senior manager of marketing communications at Nissan Canada. Combining both consumer and motorsports, David-Clark adds, is an approach that makes sense, as the tech and design used in its racing vehicles regularly shapes the development of cars regular Canadians drive every day.
That line-up is on prominent display in this campaign, which is the first to feature the broad Nissan offering, rather than honing in on a specific vehicle, such as the “Conquer All Conditions” campaign that focused on specific models in its SUV portfolio. This was by design.
“As the Nissan brand continues to grow and evolve in Canada, we want consumers to know we are more than just individual nameplates,” says David-Clark. “Nissan represents great products, technology and innovation, across all offerings and which can be felt across the overall consumer experience. Our goal is to communicate a thrilling experience across all brand touchpoints, whether you are behind the wheel, visiting our showrooms or meeting our brand at an event or online.”
The campaign has launched nationally across TV, OLV, OOH, social, digital and cinema. It will run until the Fall.
Alannah David-Clark, Juniper ParkTBWA, Nissan Canada


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