10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps


PUBG Locations That exist in Real World | Real Life Places
10 PUBG mobile maps | Real-life locations in Google Maps

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better referred to as PUBG. PUBG is a realistic game. And all the maps used in Pubg Mobile are there in real life. This location exists within the world at Kaliningrad, Russia and also in other parts of the world.


#1 Pubg full Profile

Full Name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Nick Name Pubg
Release Date December 20, 2017
Origin Country South Korea
Designer Brendan Greene
Producer Kim Chang-Han
Publisher & Designer PUBG Corporation
Artist Jang Tae-Seok
Made with Unreal Engine 4
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Stadia
Mode  Multiplayer
Per day revenue $4.8 Million
Net Worth $3 billion ( Rs. 22,457 crores)
 Maps lists
  • Erangel Map
  • Miramar Map
  • Sanhok Map
  • Vikendi Map
  • Karakin Map


#2 Pochinki in Real life, Erangel

Pochinki in real life 10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
pochinki in real life, pochinki map in real life

Pochinki is that the place where all fire fighting players jump to see for a challenge. In the real world, Pochinki is a small village in Deol Nuclear Village, Belgium. Now the place abandoned because of experiments. 

Pubg Location: Pochinki, Erangel
Real-life Location: Deol Nuclear Village, Belgium
Coordinates: 49.103088,1.835640

#3 Pochinki Church in Real life

10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
Pochinki Church in real life, Pochinki real location google maps

If you have gone to the hill of Pochinki, surely you have camped in Church. The church in Pochinki in PUBG is a good place to peek full Pochinki city. A player can climb up the church and peek at side windows. You can also visit this place. Via Russia Starry Kadom Chruch. You also can see both the images above, Pochinki church & Starry Kadom are same to same.

Pubg Location: Pochinki church, Erangel
Real-life Location: Starry Kadom, Russia
Coordinates: 54.618760,42.472140

#4 Sosnovaka Bridge in Real life, Erangel

10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
Sosnovaka Bridge in real life, Indian bridge in India Kolkatta

In pubg mobile erangel map, there are two famous bridges. For Bridge camping and kills, Sosnovaka Bridge is best. This is an Indian based Bridge. Sosnovaka Bridge is available in Kolkatta, India as Howrah Bridge. Now Howrah Bridge become a tourist spot.

Pubg Location: Sosnovaka Bridge, Erangel
Real-life Location: Howrah Bridge, Kolkatta, India
Coordinates: 22.584497662,88.341498634


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#5 Hospital in Real life, Erangel

10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
erangel real life location, Hospital real life location google maps

Hospital in erangel map is second most drop location other then Georgepool drops. This Pubg hospital don’t have doors, only has windows and many rooms.

Now the place is abandoned because of paranormal activities happening in that hospital. Many viral videos & photos are captured in the cameras. You can visit it in real life in Norwich state hospital Indiana, America.

Pubg Location: Hospital, Erangel
Real-life Location: Norwich state hospital Indiana, USA
Coordinates: 41.49,-72.072


#6 Shelter in Real life, Erangel

PUBG Locations That exist in Real World | Real Life Places
Shelter erangel pubg real location google maps

The funniest and maze-like structure tunnels are called shelter in pubg. It is so confusing to go Inside & Outside of these tunnels. It is a Ukraine’s nuclear-weapons storage. See the above images, Both are same. Ukraine’s nuclear-weapons storage base is called as Feodosia-13. Was built in the Kiziltashskaya Valley (near Sudak & Feodosia cities, in the Crimea).

Pubg Location: Shelter, Erangel
Real-life Location: Feodosia-13, Ukraine
Coordinates: Not available


#7 Georgopol in Real life, Erangel

10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
georgopol pubg in real, georgopol pubg map, georgopol city, georgopol in real

Georgopol Is famous loot location. Only pro players should land here to stay alive. There are so many containers and lots & lots of loot.

These containers are based on the Kaliningrad port present in Russia. You can compare them both. Georgopol design & Kaliningrad port design are almost same.

Pubg Location: Georgopol, Erangel
Real-life Location: Kaliningrad, Russia
Coordinates: 54.702839,20.465540


#8 Dry Red Forest Near Mylta Power Plant in Real life

10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
Mylta Powerhouse real location, Mylta military base reallocation

Dry Red Forest Near Mylta Power House is the less visited place by pubg players. Only the rank pushing people will land here to get rank in the top 20. Here the loot is very Less.

Dry Red Forest in Chernobyl, Russia is of the same design. You can also take a look in the above images of Red Forest Near Mylta PowerHouse & Dry Red Forest in Chernobyl. Both are identical.

Pubg Location: Dry Red Forest, Mylta Power
Real-life Location: Dry Red Forest Chernobyl, Russia
Coordinates: 51.387599,30.063274


#9 Novorepnoye Containers in Real life, Erangel

10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
novorepnoye pubg map real location, novorepnoye in real life

Novorepnoye is same as Georgopol. Novorepnoye is located near a Military base. Almost every time 5-6 Squads will land here. You should be a pro-level player to play in Novorepnoye. Here the loot is tremendous. 

You can also see the same as this place in Novorossiysk port, present in Russia. Novorepnoye & Novorossiysk port, the name is also somewhat same. 

Pubg Location: Novorepnoye Containers, Erangel
Real-life Location: Novorossiysk port, Russia
Coordinates: 44.725300,37.793600


#10 Erangle in Real life Full map

10 PUBG mobile maps | Real life locations in Google Maps
erangel real life location, military base pubg in real life, erangel Russia map

Erangel may be a fictional Island in Player Unkown Battlegrounds [Pubg]. The circled places in the image are there in real life. Erangel is the most played map in Pubg mobile. 

The whole erangel map is Based on an abandoned island in the Black Sea near Russia. The Island was continuously experimented by  Biological & Chemical weapons. The Russian military was controlling the island. They were doing experiments on Local peoples of that Island. After a resident people attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned.

Pubg Location: Erangel
Real-life Location: Island in Russia
Coordinates: Not specif
If There is any Mistake or Add some more place please do a comment below. 

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