Why Ranchi Man used his BMW X1 for carrying City Garbage


Why this Ranchi man used his ᐈ BMW for carrying city garbage
Source: Instagram          Why this Ranchi man used his ᐈ BMW for carrying city garbage

When India was under the control of the British government, The king of Albar named Jayasingh took revenge on the British by cleaning the areas of villages with the costliest car of that time. And also present days Rolls Royce to make the British shame in front of the Indians. Salute to that King. 

But now we are not under any country(British) Or we are not having any kings in this time. And we don’t have any kingdom.

But what should be the reason behind the picking of garbage from the streets of Ranchi? By using the costliest cars like BMW X1 from the resident of Ranchi. And that great person’s name is Prince Shrivatsav?

Let’s know the reason that why he is doing like this. Because many people of India cant buy the car or even can’t see the BMW like luxuries cars in their whole life. But here the man is using it for cleaning the garbage of full Ranchi city and picking it inside BMW X1.

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As the man (Prince Raja Shrivastava) behind this thing says that he has gifted that BMW X1 car to his father. But he was very frustrated with the service of the BMW service centre in Ranchi.

He also said that every time the car was not working properly. With some minor problems like not working of the hand brake, steering problems, AC problems, and many more. And the workers from the service centre also not responded correctly to Prince Raja Shrivastava’s problems. And the BMW service centre in Ranchi was always adding the extra bills and not working properly to make it correct.


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According to Prince Raja Shrivastava, he has left the car 300+ days out of one and a half years from buying the car in the service centre. He thought that by leaving the car in the service centre or paying for the waste works, he could pick garbage from the streets of Ranchi. So that people and the company official can know, how worst is the service of BMW service centre in Ranchi and the way the company treats the people.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to the original owners.

After doing all the cleaning & picking all garbage, Dumping in BMW X1 seats. Prince Raja Shrivastava made a dedicated video on this & he has uploaded the video of picking the garbage from the streets of Ranchi on social media networks. Adding the caption as ”GADIWALA AAYA DEKHO KACHARA NIKALNE”. Afterwards, he got more support from all the peoples. Because many people called him saying that, they also have the same issues with the service and the company BMW. And they will also join him in picking the garbage from the next weeks and bring the problems to the notice of the company.

The best thing is the young cricketer played in this IPL for Mumbai Indians. And made a good impression named ISHAN KISHAN also joined them to show he also has problems with BMW car and BMW service centre.

The owner of BMW X1 Prince Raja Shrivastava said that All the people can now see the BMW picking garbage from the streets of Ranchi from next week.

So here ends the story. If you are from Ranchi and u haven’t seen a BMW yet you can now see them in front of your house picking the garbage.

WOW!! “Oh mago.. to ru… lob….”!!!

Also, comment on what do u think about the owner and his decision on this case. From this, the BMW company must understand the problem and must quickly solve it and prevent them from more losses by such things.



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