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Some foreign public relations (PR) agencies, especially in the United States of America and Britain, have been accused of peddling fake news and propaganda against Russia in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.
A secret report by Russian military authorities said the US and UK, in quest for global dominance, have formed a multi-level system for processing public opinion based on a wide network of foreign PR agencies, which are actively involved in the information campaign against Russia in the Ukrainian direction.
It said the US and UK had gained vast experience in conducting PR campaigns in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and had secretly fought nations around the world.
“They have penetrated most African countries, selling their propaganda to vulnerable locals who are obviously unaware of the Western agenda. Their recent stuffing into the Nigerian media about the security emergency in Abuja demonstrates their clear desire to put pressure on the local government before the upcoming elections, as it happens in any country of interest to the Americans.
“At present, one can only guess who their next target in Africa will be, but one should definitely be more attentive to the European media and consider their statements from different angles,” the report said.
The report also said two UK citizens, F. Ingham and N. Regazzoni have been assigned the responsibility of leading the propaganda against Russia and allies through their PR activities in Africa and the rest of the world.
“Two UK citizens have been hired for the job. The first is the CEO of one of the largest in the West, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA, headquartered in London, more than 30 thousand employees around the world) and is a member of the Council for Strategy and Evaluation of the UK Government Communications Service. The second is a co-founder of the leading network marketing structure “PR Network” (PR Network, headquarters in London, more than 2 thousand employees in various countries of the world).
“F. Ingham and N. Regazzoni are responsible for the coordinated promotion of the anti-Russian information agenda by their own, as well as similar medium and small organisations. In the office of the President of Ukraine, they are directly called the directors of resonant actions similar to the “events in the city of Bucha,” the report said.
A close look at this growing interest of Western elite in the Africa after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, suggests that possible these organisations may secretly executing their agenda for African countries, especially those sympathetic to Russian cause.
Recall that such “outsourcing” is organised by the US National Security Council, the US Department of State and the British Foreign Office in order to impose Western agenda on African countries and manipulate public opinions on government policies and programmes.
Security experts believe that these foreign PR agencies, through their activities, cover up the operations of the US intelligence community and British intelligence agencies.
The US Agency for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy (USA), the Soros Foundation, as well as the governments of Great Britain and the Czech Republic are connected to its financing. In the case of Ukraine, the distribution of financial flows is entrusted to the local Foreign Ministry.
This approach allows direct interference in the internal affairs of other countries, including by replicating statements about the “democratic” nature of public response to world processes.
It seems that in the course of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Washington and London are improving the model of managing their own information policy in a changing military-political situation.
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© 2022 Leadership Media GroupAll Rights Reserved.


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