Samir Modi is the king of Network Marketing in India

Q) Who is the king of Network Marketing in India?

Samir Modi is the king of Network Marketing in India

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Q) What is Modicare company?

Modicare company is India’s rapidly growing Company with Network Marketing, MLM or Direct Selling Companies in India. Modicare Network is Indias 1st Direct selling company started by Samir Modi in 1996.


Q) Is Modicare legal and good to use?

Modicare is a trusted brand of many peoples in India. Modicare makes herbal and Desi products like daily essential things.


History Of ModiCare [Modicare review]

Modicare has celebrated Silver Jubilee for 25 years of establishment. It was founded by Samir Modi in 1996. Mr Samir Modi brought “Network Marketing” to India. He is the first man who has done it. Sir Samir Modi also brought the Direct selling Concept to India.


Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi Founding father?

Actually, all this Business was started by Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi. Who is the grandfather of Mr Samir Modi?


Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi stared business with only Rs 400/-

In these periods, India was mainly concentrated on Agriculture. Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi has so many ideas to export from his mind. But he was very small and had only 400/- Rs in his pocket. By slowly he started to grow day by day. He was having many dreams like becoming a successful business model at a young age. He got all the Ideas when he was 17 years old. He joined his fathers business when he was young in 1919.

Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi and his dear friend Narayan Das Bajoria started the “Vanaspati project” in 1932. However, for every startup things fail first, for Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi same thing happened. His plan was different but fate takes him differently. There was a sharp kick start for import duties. So he Banned the vanaspati Project and started concentrating on Sugar Mill.


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Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi first established a Sugar Factory at Begumabad. The land in Begumabad was sleepy. The economic condition of that village was not nice. Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi rapidly grown that Sugar mill and made so much profit from it. In between many problems came to Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi, then also made his Sugar mill the fastest-growing sugar industry.

In 1939 he brought his “Vanaspati project” back once again. He changed some of the things. And made the “Vanaspati project” a successful project. With all this Rai bahadur Gujarmal Modi set up 27 different industries in the time period of 1933-1972. In that he made, glycerin extraction plant, cotton textile mill, oil crushing plant, paint and varnish factory, soap factory, lantern factory, steel mill, silk and yarn mill and many more. Soon they all become more popular in their areas.

For his great works in building society and nation, he was awarded one of India’s greatest award “Padma Bhushan” in 1968. All these Industries made a great name in the country and started to build faith in the Peoples of India and others.


Who is K.K. Modi In modicare?

K.K Modi was the person who took all company to next level. K.K Modi followed his father Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi to become a great person. He took the Modi Enterprises to the greater heights. KK Modi with his efficient team started to make many changes in Modi enterprises.

KK Modi with his team made unacceptable things in Modi enterprises. Their strategies made the company (Modi Entreprises) India’s leading corporate house. KK Modi made collaboration with 90 different countries. And his Modi Entreprises company had around 30,000 Employs.

KK Modi passed away last year i.e 2019 November 2. But his formulas and rules made the company fly more and more. This lead Modicare to get popular all along the time.


                       -Samir Modi


Who is Samir Modi & Azadi plan in Modicare?

Samir Modi is an intuitive entrepreneur and Executive Director of K. K. Modi Group which is a part of the $2.8 Billion Modi enterprises, which was founded by his grandfather Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi in 1993. And Samir Modi is also the younger son of K.K. Modi and Bina Modi. Samir Modi is Director of Godfrey Phillips India Limited & Indofil Industries Limited.

Samir Modi’s Quote / Mantra is “SOCH BADLO, KHUDKO BADLO, DUNIYA BADLO”. He thought by changing our minds first then societies, then nations, we can get “Azadi” for our dreams.

Who is the king of Network Marketing in India? Samir Modi is the king of Network Marketing in India. At the young age of 25, Samir Modi launched the Modicare company in 1996. He is the first person who brought Network Marketing concept to India. Samir Modi made Modicare as first and one of the biggest Direct Selling Companies in India.

Today Modicare is the third-largest cosmetics brand industry all over International. He is working for the welfare of the people of India. So, Samir Modi “replaced all the international brands with his own Indian brands”. This led to ‘Atmanirbhar India’.

  Now at present all the thousands of products are made in India and chemical-free.

Q) What is Direct Selling is Modicare? [Modicare review]

What is Direct Selling in Modicare All about Modicare My honest review Fraud or legal in 2021_1
Modicare online membership, Modicare review, 🍒Samir Modi, k.k. Modi, What is modicare company


Direct Selling in Modicare means the products are sold to consumers directly from the manufacturing factories. There will be no middle persons like Company, Distributors, Whole sellers, Retailers, And then us. By skipping all this traditional Selling Modicare is making so much of profit & fastest response to customers.


10 Benefits of Direct Selling in Modicare

  1. Zero Investment
  2. No-Risk
  3. Many ways to earn money
  4. Unlimited income
  5. Family business
  6. Transferable business
  7. Trusted brand of India
  8. No experience required
  9. Passive income
  10. Part-time business 

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Story of Samir Modi & lift man in foreign

Because of this incident, Samir Modi got to know about ‘Network Marketing’. This story begins when Samir Modi goes to foreign for extra studies. Once he was going to the top floor with the help of a lift. An old man arrives from an expensive car like Audi or BMW. Then he comes inside the lift and asks Samir Modi “Which flor do you want to go, sir?”. Then Samir Modi Understands that the old man was the liftman.

Then he asks him, ‘Sir you have luxurious cars & money, then why are you wasting time doing this liftman job in this building. Instead of it go and enjoy or grow your own business. Then the old man answers, “Sir I am not doing this liftman job for money. Just I want to serve my nation in any way. So I am doing this liftman job.” Then the old man also says that all the money he earns only from Network Marketing.

Now Samir Modi got temptation on Network Marketing. He studies all the terms of Network Marketing & Direct selling. Then he comes to India to start the “First Company in the world to start Network Marketing & Direct selling”.


Products range in Modicare

There are a total of 12 types/categories of products in Modicare. You can also buy Modicare products online from the official website ( and also from Amazone, Shopclues, etc.

  1. Nutrition, Health & Wellness
  2. Colour Cosmetics
  3. Skincare
  4. Food & Beverages
  5. Personal care
  6. Laundry care
  7. Home care
  8. Agri
  9. Auto care
  10. Jewellery
  11. Tech
  12. SM Watches


What is the loyalty Program in Modicare?

One should purchase the Modicare products worth any amount for six months. And in the 7th month, you will get free products worth how much you paid for a single month. You should buy the products before the 25th of that respective months.

For example: If a person buys Modicare products worth Rs 5000/- every month before the 25th date. And if he continues to buy for six months for the same amount. Then he will get Free products worth Rs 5000/- in the 7th month. If you buy with more amount, you will receive free products of more amount.


Why Modicare is bad | Disadvantages of Modicare

✦The products in Modicare are expensive than normal products

✦If you want to earn money from Modicare you should be 18+ & have pan card

✦If you don’t have any network of people, then it’s waste


Why Modicare is good | Advantages of Modicare

✦You can take this job as a part-time job

✦No need to struggle after some days

✦You will demo for all the products

✦All the products are 100% returnable if the customers face problems

✦It is an Indian company | All the products are made in India

✦You will get PDFs of all products

✦You will be having training programs 

✦No need to give any money to join Modicare


Social Media’s of Modicare

Facebook: Modicare India

Instagram: officialmodicare.india

Youtube: Official Modicare India


Linkedin: Modicare Ltd

Modicare Limited
5, Community Center,
New Friends Colony,
New Delhi, Pin – 110025


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