#7 Stephen Hawking IQ predicted Warnings For Scary future


 Stephen Hawking IQ predicted Warnings For Scary future story
 Stephen Hawking IQ predicted Warnings For Scary future story

#1 Stephen Hawkings Profile (nickname, net worth, marriage, etc..)

Full NameStephen William Hawking
Nick NameEinstein
Date of Birth8 January 1942, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Death Date14 March 2018, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Age76 years (1942–2018)



Theories List

  • Hawking radiation
  • Blackhole information paradox
  • A Brief History of Time
  • Primordial black hole
  • Chronology protection conjecture
  • Micro black hole
  • Soft hair (No hair theorem)
  • Penrose–Hawking theorems
  1. General relativity
  2. Quantum gravity
Total Net worth$20 Million

#2 Stephen Hawking says, “We must leave the Earth and find a new planet”

First, we need to leave the earth is a major warning. All the humans are putting all their eggs in one basket, said Stephen Hawking. It’s a metaphor that says it all. Now we have built another Earth on existing Earth. For nearly 50 years Stephen Hawking has been calling humans to go to another planet. Whenever he said it, it made headlines and he said it was impossible. But now let’s see what’s going on with Elon Musk, SpaceX, Klein Vision.

SpaceX, in cooperation with NASA, is now taking us to Mars and other parts of Space. NASA & SpaceX already has three useful rockets to retrieve Mars, humans & objects from Mars. But Hawking said humanity will soon be the victim of many disasters on Earth.

There are a lot of what they call low-probability high impact events, which includes large asteroids that hit our planet and reduce the probability. But it would be catastrophic if one imagined an asteroid hitting a nuclear missile or power plant. It could easily destroy an entire continent or an entire planet or an entire world. In 2016, he said, though the likelihood of disaster for Planet Earth was minimal. He said this would be inevitable over time and the next 1,000 years. He warned that humans should spread to other planets.


#3 Don’t mess with Aliens

#7 Stephen Hawking IQ predicted Warnings For Scary future alines
#7 Stephen Hawking IQ predicted Warnings For Scary future alines

Next up are the space codes you haven’t heard of, but there’s a whole science field called SETI. Seti means “search for extraterrestrial intelligence”. And many giant satellites serve as worldwide hearing aids to signal from intelligent life around the world or elsewhere. Byrd Stephen Hawking cautioned against reaching any alien life you can think of.

Nerds like us will contact the aliens but hawking has warned scientists not to try and contact any alien civilizations. The aliens will attack Earth and then move on to another planet, he said. They are probably smarter than us, they are not afraid to talk to us. This is how we think when we see ants (small insects). When you accidentally step on a snail, and that’s exactly what aliens do, it’s like taking honey out of a hive.

He said foreigners (Outer Space) would visit us, and we all know that when Columbus landed in America, it did not feel right for Native Americans. He said it was sad, but do not contact the intelligent alien life and warned him if any seti researchers received any clever signals. We should not reach out but instead, be very careful.


#4 AI and robotics can end the human race

There are robots before us, and we’ve all seen old movies like  ‘The Terminator ‘. Where robots take over the planet and wipe out humanity, and the truth may be stranger than fictions. According to Stephen Hawking, it is true that artificial intelligence gives us greater progress but also has many risks.

He meddled in 2014 saying that the development of full AI could end the human race. The AI ​​we have now is very useful indeed, but he has warned us not to set machine intelligence or let robots overtake it. Otherwise, they don’t need us and do the work of wiping us out. We are already seeing fellow talent Elon Musk take on the work of AI people, with presidential candidate Andrew Yang making a big deal about it. Also, see about Klein Vision (Stefan Klein).


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#5 Social Media Shapes Humanity

Stephen Hawking is a scientific genius, but that doesn’t mean he has no ideas about sociology. He warned that when it comes to things like social media and political life, the world will become more and more fragmented as time goes on; Surprisingly, he said this before major world events such as the 2016 US election. Now people are getting more and more drawn and divided. Stephen Hawking said he fears separation. He says that as science goes, countries must work together. If states do not work together, AI can grow in one country more than another and it cannot be regulated globally.

Stephen Hawking has warned that politicians are investing too much money into nuclear weapons. He campaigned for nuclear disarmament worldwide and said nuclear weapons were a terrible creation. when we are speaking now one or another is making nuclear weapons in every country.


#6 Stephen is concerned about global warming

#7 Stephen Hawking IQ predicted Warnings For Scary future alines
Stephen is concerned about global warming

Next, we have climate change. Stephen Hawking is very concerned about global warming. This is a significant threat to life on earth, he said. This is one of the main reasons we have to go to a different world, he said. For example, Mars. But, their biggest fear is that our pass is called the tipping point, where global warming is irreversible.

He feared that the earth would become like Venus. Where the temperature is 250 degrees Celsius and rainfall are in the form of Sulfuric acid. It means no life can be lived. But all of this has to be done at the government level, said Stephen Hawking. There is no need to stop people flying on aeroplanes or driving their cars to work, he said. But instead, governments need to come together and make sure they use renewable energy levels.

For example, Elon Musk and Bill Gates have invested billions in solar-powered electricity, and this energy already exists. We don’t have to use coal or nuclear power, it will damage the land, he said global warming is one of the biggest dangers humanity faces, but, if we act now, it can be prevented.


#7 Thinkings of one billion years later

Finally, on the list, we have a very long future. So I think all these things are their warnings for Now, which is the immediate future. But I got bad news for you hundreds or thousands of years away (Our great grand, grand… children) in the future. In about 1 billion years, the sun’s current stage of development will become a gigantic red ball. It can burn or swallow the whole earth.

The sun is hot and the hot earth may be too hot for human life. But when the whole universe ends, the world will end in 10 trillion years and it is said to end with heat. An increase in temperature could finish the whole world.

It collapses into a state of thermodynamically free energy and is no longer able to sustain it. But fortunately, we all go before it happens so it is very creepy to think that one day all of this will no longer exist. That humanity can go to another world unless we live in a multiverse.


But now it’s time to make your opinion. Please vote in the comments section, which is down below. which of Stephen Hawking’s warnings was the most scary. Thanks 🙏 for seeing 👁️‍🗨️ the full blog, If you have any questions ❓ or any suggestions please leave a comment 📄.


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