Facts About 7 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth | Mind Blowing

Facts About 7 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth _ Mind Blowing
Facts About 7 Strange Rains

Jai hind dosto, you have heard of red rain, green rain, milky rain, diamond rain, etc. But do you know why, when, and where they occur? Let’s discuss more these strange things down below. If you like the post please share it with your friends and families.


Red Rain [Kerala, India]

Red Rain Facts About 7 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth _ Mind Blowing
Red rain In Kerala

The people of Kerala are just enjoying their day. In late July 1957, a Strange Rain happens. It was like a Hollywood Horror movie. But this was happening real in front of all. Raindrops that were falling from the sky were bright red. Suddenly people got fear and ran. Like you have seen in World WarZ Hollywood movie.

Reason #1:

The logical explanation for the red rain. At first, scientists believe the rainwater was painted red by a Meteorite burst.

Reason #2:

But the next study came up with a different theory. The rain is dyed with spores of algae, carried by the wind. The spores mix with rain clouds and as a result, We see a beautiful but very frightening picture of red rain.

You may be surprised but now people are used to this phenomenon. Red rain is common in this region.


Milky Rain [Oregon, near Washington]

White Rain Facts About 7 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth _ Mind Blowing

Another type of rain is called Milky Because the rain was White. It has happened in Oregon near Washington, which is famous for Oregon football, Oregon DMV. At first, scientists analyzed the rainwater. But couldn’t figure out how did it happen. Then Researchers at the Washington State University (WSU) have found out.

Reason #1:

Oregon’s Summer Lake, Which is very dry in large areas during summer. A storm with a speed of 60 miles per hour (96.5 kph) was hit the lake last night of the Milky Rainfall.

Reason #2:

Another Theory Suggests that it was caused by the wind which could bring ash from an active volcano in Russia, Japan, etc.


Brown Rain [Southern Russia]

Brown rain _ Facts About 7 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth _ Mind Blowing

One memorial day in the Southern part of Russia, People got worried about dirty rain, brown. Russian locals thought that it was because of polluting the air from harmful substances by Factories. But it was not the case.

Reason #1:

But after scratching the heads of Russian scientists, they came to end. This time it had travelled a long distance away from Africa.

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Siver coins rain [Gorky, Russia]

Silver coins Rain _ Facts About 7 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth _ Mind Blowing

It’s not just colour rains. The next story is even wonderful. In childhood or now also we have thought, what if the money just falls from the sky like rain. It’s not fake, it has happened in Gorky, Russia. In 1940 around more than 1k silver coins just fallen from the sky.

Reason #1:

A treasure chest that was lifted by a heavy tornado and then showered in a small town.

The coins were 14th-century silver coins. Now it difficult to calculate the correct value of the treasure. But it is an all-time Most expensive rain that happened in History.


Diamond Rain [jupiter and saturn]

What if diamonds starts to fall from the sky instead of water. It’s not a fantasy, it is real but not on Earth. But in Jupiter and Saturn scientists discovered that a large drop of diamonds of half an inch in its diameter falls there. This is pretty big stones for diamond necklace and diamond rings. They are floating in the atmosphere of Jupiter and Saturn in the form of Hydrogen and Helium.

Reason #1:

They are formed at great heights because of extreme temperature, pressure, atmospheric composition, and thunderstorms.

These planets are gaseous hot, when diamonds fall into a deep hot core they melt, evaporate upwards. once again and the cycle continues.


Leaves rain [otrick, France]

Now leave about money and costly things. What if leaves start falling on the ground from the sky. Which happened in otrick, France (1869). The climate was excellent clear. But the leaves started to fall from height as if a Big oak tree is planted in the sky. All people were like 😲. 

Reason #1:

The reason was a big tornado that took place 6 days before this date has taken all the leaves from near oak trees. All these six days the wind took the leaves higher and higher in the sky, until the end of tornados energy. Then they fell back to that area.


Meteor Shower [Space]

Meteor Shower, Facts About 7 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth _ Mind Blowing

Leave all the rains to make some joy to your eyes and heart. This rain is the most beautiful rain you can see in life. This rain is harmless. This happens at night at specific points. meteor outbursts produce up to 1000 meteors an hour.

Reason #1:

These are made possible by cosmic debris called meteoroids. Which enters the earth’s atmosphere at extremely high speeds. Some meteors are smaller than sand grains.


What is the best time to see meteor showers?

(Predawn) means one hour before the morning twilight. In Late evening approx. 10-12 p.m. the major showers can be seen

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