The biggest PR and marketing trends to watch out for in 2023 – Media Update

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The secret to building a successful track record for marketing communications is to keep up with international trends while leveraging local expertise to implement country-specific strategies and tactics that are tailored to local audiences, says public relations expert Madelain Roscher, CEO of PR Worx.
Media relations and press releases are still important, but we’ve also seen the explosion of social and digital media.

This has fundamentally changed the way in which organisations are able to communicate and interact with their audiences.

Digitisation especially has accelerated over the past two years and, looking forward, there are several new trends that businesses need to embrace to stay relevant.

With this in mind, here are the marketing and communications trends for 2023:
Data is the new gold. But to safeguard your consumers’ privacy as well as your company’s reputation, you need to implement a clear data policy.

However, this policy isn’t just about technology — it’s about making the right choices about how you collect, store and access information.

In other words, your data strategy is an ethical plan of what to do with your company’s data that considers not just the capabilities of your organisation but the concerns of your customers as well.

Meteoric advancements in technology have seen AI solutions play an increasingly prominent role in everyday marketing and communications activities.

As one example, AI-powered online tool is quickly transforming copywriting, generating high-quality content on a variety of topics at the click of a button.

Likewise, companies are increasingly making use of AI automations to create omnichannel brand experiences and unique channels eliminating the need for multiple-point solutions.

AI is also built for scale, speed and security to analyse vast swathes of data on consumer behaviour to generate predictive insights on the potential success of your advertising or communications.

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