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COVER STORY: President Joe Biden: The first year | Watch Video
The 46th president’s first year in office is being measured by opposing forces – both by legislative wins, and by the economic headwinds of the continuing pandemic. CBS News’ John Dickerson talks with experts about the presidency’s “return to normalcy”; the chaos surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan and COVID-19 testing; the contrasting news of low unemployment and rising inflation; and how Joe Biden’s temperament may be the most powerful tool being wielded by the Oval Office.
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ART: Marcel Duchamp and the meaning of art | Watch Video
The French-born artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) stirred controversy with his provocative pieces that questioned the very concept of what “art” actually is. Correspondent Rita Braver visits the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum for an exhibition of Duchamp’s “readymade” pieces that blur the distinction between utilitarian object and high-priced museum piece.
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ART: Tony Dow on life beyond “Leave It to Beaver” | WATCH VIDEO
Beginning at age 12, Tony Dow played Wally Cleaver, the polite, trustworthy “All-American” big brother on the classic sitcom “Leave It to Beaver.” But for years Dow lived in the shadow of his adolescent stardom, and was dogged by feelings of depression. Dow talks with correspondent Jim Axelrod about looking beyond the curse of being linked forever to the character of Wally, and how, through creating art, and with the support of his wife, Lauren (also an artist), he addressed the struggles that life often presents.
WEB EXTRA: “Leave It to Beaver” actor Tony Dow on depression (YouTube Video)
In this web exclusive, actor and artist Tony Dow, who beginning at age 12 starred as Wally Cleaver in the classic sitcom “Leave It to Beaver,” explains to correspondent Jim Axelrod how he dealt with a depression that began, he says, at a young age. 
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SCIENCE: The shocking truth about eels (Video)
Eels have a slippery reputation, transforming themselves in saltwater and freshwater environments – and no one knows exactly how they reproduce in the wild. Correspondent Conor Knighton talks with experts who share their fascination with the unknowable mysteries of the eel.
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PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
“Sunday Morning” remembers some of the notable figures who left us this week, including Ronnie Spector, lead singer of the ’60s girl group The Ronettes.

MOVIES: Kirsten Dunst on her approach to acting | Watch Video
Kirsten Dunst, who has starred in such films as “Interview with the Vampire,” “Melancholia” and “Spider-Man,” is getting Oscar buzz for her poignant acting in Jane Campion’s period drama, “The Power of the Dog.” She talks with correspondent Luke Burbank about seeking treatment for depression; starring opposite her real-life partner Jesse Plemons; and a trick she learned for how to play drunk.
WEB EXTRA: Kirsten Dunst on an acting trick (YouTube Video)
In this web exclusive, “The Power of the Dog” star Kirsten Dunst explains to correspondent Luke Burbank how she prepared for a scene in the film when her character, Rose, freezes up at a piano keyboard.
To watch a trailer for “The Power of the Dog,” click on the video player below:
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Hartman: A love that almost got away (Video)
Fifty years ago, at Loyola University, Jeanne Gustavson met a man she believes would have made the perfect husband. But her family objected, because his skin was not White. So, she broke up with Steve Watts – but she never forgot about him. And more than four decades later, Jeanne found him again. Steve Hartman reports. 
SUNDAY PROFILE: Liza Minnelli, the one and only | Watch Video
The EGOT-winning entertainer sits down with “Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley, and with her accompanist and friend Michael Feinstein, to talk about a life in the spotlight; the influence of French singer Charles Aznavour on her Oscar-winning performance in “Cabaret”; and how, at 75, she still continues to honor the works of Gershwin – and the life of her mother, Judy Garland.
WEB EXTRA: Liza Minnelli and Michael Feinstein perform “I Love a Violin” (YouTube Video)
In this web exclusive, award-winning entertainer Liza Minnelli and her friend Michael Feinstein perform a duet of Kay Thompson’s “I Love a Violin.” 
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TECHNOLOGY: Light bulb collectors: An illuminating hobby | Watch Video
Chad Shapiro will go to any length to obtain original examples of artificial lighting, including those created by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century. But as correspondent David Pogue discovers, Shapiro is not alone in an obsession to collect rare and beautiful examples of vintage light bulbs.
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COMMENTARY: Douglas Brinkley on voting rights and the “new Jim Crow” | Watch Video
Nearly six decades after John Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and others fought “Jim Crow” laws that blocked some Americans from the ballot box, leading to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, voting rights are under siege again. Historian and bestselling author Douglas Brinkley talks about recent Republican-led efforts to restrict access to our Constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote, and why access to voting must be preserved.
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NATURE: Desert snow (Extended Video)
We leave you this wintry Sunday in the high desert of northern Nevada. Videographer: Derek Reich.     
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First published on January 13, 2022 / 2:40 PM
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Copyright ©2022 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.


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