Viral Video: A Country's President Makes Speech, Child Cycles Around Him – NDTV

The boy dressed in a Superman onsie cycles around Chile’s President.
“Superman” surprisingly appeared during a speech of Chile’s President Gabriel Boric. No, it was not the Man of Steel in reality, but a child dressed in superman costume who was filmed riding his bike around Mr Boric. The President was speaking after casting his vote for the Constitutional plebiscite, according to local outlet 24 Horas but it was the boy who captured the attention of those who were present. The video of the child’s antics is going viral on social media.
The clip was recorded last week as Mr Boric was calling on Chileans to cast their vote supporting a new Constitution, which was ultimately rejected by an overwhelming majority, news agency Reuters reported.

Superman encircles Gabriel Boric after he submits his vote in today’s plebiscite 🇨🇱

The President was talking passionately but the young child, dressed in a red cap and a blue superhero onesie cycled around him on a blue-coloured balance bike, as seen in the video.
After a few rounds he stops to listen to the President but then continues with his bike ride, seemingly oblivious to what was happening. His blue-coloured helmet was hanging from the handle of the bike.
The video has received more than 1.33 lakh views on Twitter, and left many users in stitches.
“At least something nice happened today,” said one user. “Why aren’t we talking about this more?” commented another.

Some 7.9 million Chileans voted against the draft constitution on Sunday against 4.9 million who voted in favour, a blow to the country’s 36-year-old President who backed its adoption, according to Reuters.
The vote has been perceived as a political thermometre for Mr Boric, who came into office in March promising economic and social reforms, though has been criticised for high inflation levels and economic uncertainty.
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