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Canadians love their sports and no one can doubt that. Today we look to uncover just which sports exactly Canadians love the most!
Ice hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada. Even when it comes to Sports Betting in Canada you will find the best bonus and promotions on Ice Hockey. This sport is rough. Chilly and super exciting to watch and it’s no wonder the NHL is so popular among Canadians as well as US residents.
This is Canada’s official national game, declared in 1859. One of Canada’s most popular sports, Lacrosse is one of the fearest competitions the Canadians have with their US counterparts. Although the US had a 28-year winning streak and 
Canadian hopes seemed doomed, the Canadians managed to win the World Lacrosse Championship in 2006!
Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Although Europeans seem to be stuck on calling it Football this European game has truly taken the world by storm. Canada did have its own variation of soccer for quite some time but the main concept remained the same.
The first ever Canadian soccer game took place in October 1876 in Toronto between two of the local clubs. Although the men’s team never really broke through, the women’s soccer team did manage to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics and even landed a bronze medal for landing 3rd throughout the competition. 
Soccer is the 3rd largest sport in Canada and doesn’t look to be slowing down even though the Canadians have not had much success apart from the bronze medal back in 2012.
Mixed martial arts has been constantly on the rise in the last decade. It’s no surprise either, blood sports as some would call them are extremely fascinating and enjoyable to watch. 
Although there are many who find MMA to be brutal there are those who would argue boxing rules have led to many deaths compared to MMA. 
Mixed Martial Arts is the competition between fighting styles as well as the two individual fighters. It also paves the way for huge revenue when title bouts take place especially when a Canadian fighter enters the Octagon.
Unknown to many across the globe is that Tennis is another of Canada’s favourite sports. Sports has seen the most steady increase in players throughout the years, experiencing a 4 times increase since 1998. It’s safe to say that Tennis in Canada is not going anywhere, especially when you consider that a large part of players is under the age of 25 making the future of this sport a solid one.
Sports in Canada are a huge thing for many of the residents. The minute the Chicago Bears unveiled the alternate helmet many Canadian fans blew up the Twitter feed. Even though the NFL isn’t as big as the other sports mentioned on this list it’s still enjoyed by millions of Canadians. Nonetheless, we must conclude our most viewed sports in Canada.

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