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Good morning, L.A. It’s Monday, October 24.  
Today in How To LA: Digging into California’s recycling problem, protesters against the Iranian government filled the streets of downtown LA; plus a proposal for an aerial gondola to Dodger Stadium needs your input. 
California has a recycling problem. Even though our recycling rates have been increasing nationwide, redemption rates have drastically fallen in California, according to Consumer Watchdog. Part of the problem is the loss of redemption sites up and down the state — those are sites where you can get a small refund for turning in glass bottles and cans. Despite the perception that California is an environmentally conscious paradise, we’re sitting on millions of dollars in unclaimed bottle deposit funds and we currently have more landfills than any other state in the nation.
But there is potentially good news, California. 
How To LA podcast host Brian De Los Santos talks to Collins about some big, impactful expansions to the Container Deposit Law, also known as the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act.
Here are a few changes:
What is the impact of this? 
Well, there’ll be more redemption centers, which means people will find more motivation to recycle the everyday items that they use (remember there is money to be made!). Plus, the state will accept more types of recyclables, which means that these items, like wine bottles, won’t end up in a landfill.
The only thing is, Collins noted, these changes may take a while. Also, Collins said that funds to promote the new changes was not included the bill. So please spread the word!
Listen to the How To LA podcast recycling episode to find out more about the current problems, and get a glimpse into how our recyclables and food waste gets processed in L.A. County. Warning: it does indeed get stinky in this episode. Hold your nose!
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Pssst…before you leave, today Oct. 24 is the last day to register to vote onlineIf you have questions about that process, we’ve got some answers.
Saturday, Oct. 29 is the day that in-person voting begins. Tuesday, Nov. 1 is the deadline to request a new vote-by-mail ballot. Lastly, Tuesday, Nov. 8 is election day and the deadline to return your vote-by-mail ballot.
As always, stay happy and healthy, folks. There’s more news below — just keep reading.

*At LAist we will always bring you the news freely, but occasionally we do include links to other publications that may be behind a paywall. Thank you for understanding! 

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ONE – Huge Iran Protest March Downtown  
If you were in downtown L.A. this Saturday, you likely saw thousands of protesters clad in the Iranian flag colors of red, white and red. This was the second of such protests downtown in recent weeks — part of a huge movement of protests happening around the world against the treatment of women in Iran after the arrest and death of Mahsa Amini, 22, last month. She died in the custody of Iran’s morality police and witnesses say she was beaten.To get a sense of how massive the turnout was this weekend, check out these photos.
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LAist is part of Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), a member-supported public media network. Hear our news on-air at our partner site:
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